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esv 10-04-2006 09:37 PM

most pathetic fighters in ufc
i dunno guys but from what ive seen there are some pretty bad fighters in the ufc. for example elvis sinosic and kevin jordan deserve to be pissed on. who do you think is the most pathetic

Damone 10-04-2006 09:55 PM

MMA freak 10-04-2006 09:58 PM

Greg Stott, Tiki Ghosn, Sean Daugherty, Teila Tuli, Ray Wizard, its so funny to watch these guys fight I always crack when I watch them fight. John Matua was pretty bad too, Tank Abbott nearly killed him.

asskicker 10-04-2006 10:48 PM

Well with the recent fecal matter news, I'd have to say Tim Sylvia

MMA freak 10-04-2006 10:56 PM


Originally Posted by asskicker
Well with the recent fecal matter news, I'd have to say Tim Sylvia

He used to be the best ever heavyweight in the UFC only to be discovered taking steroids. And now getting lucky wins against a guy with a weak chin and someone a foot smaller than him. And crapping his pants. I should show some respect to him but just can't, hes too pathetic.

foxman69 10-05-2006 12:24 AM

Danny Abbadi :thumbsdown:

Choke_Wire 10-05-2006 01:44 AM

how did i know someone would say danny lol

MMA freak 10-05-2006 01:48 AM

Jason Thacker is worse than Danny Abaddi as a fighter, but Abaddi has a more pathetic personality, I almost thought he was flurting with Matt Hamill.

3DLee 10-05-2006 09:35 AM

Jesse Forbes. I have never seen him do anything almost good.

fenderman80 10-05-2006 09:45 AM


Originally Posted by nickman9000
and george gurgel too. Who wants to see a guy **** up his knee EVERY time he fights. not me

Thank you!!!!! That guy is a legend in his own mind!!!!!! He gets handled in TUF it's his knee, he get' s handled on a paperview it's his knee........but do not fret. He's going to get whatever is wrong, fixed, go back to the drawing board get dominated again and blow out his knee in the process!!!!!!And the cycle will continue......:rolleyes: :laugh:

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