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toraj 10-07-2006 01:51 AM

Anderson Silva is not a big Deal. Why ? I tell u.
You know it's been in my mind after Rich won the title from Evan Tanner,
you know after tanner became a champion, i Think UFC did not want him to remain champion you know why ? cause he is expensive fighter, and each fight cost a lot for ufc in compare with rich franklin at that time.
and i donno why rich drop down to middleweight and exactly after it he got a title shot ? his last fight was ken shamrock ? true ??? it was not at middle weight. so how the **** they give him title shot in his first middle weight ? why he dropdown to middleweight ?? the only reason my mind is tanner lost one fight to franklin and rich is a very tough fighter too, and they tought he can get that title from evan cause evan knows that he lost a fight to rich and it effects his mind too....and as i know rich has a eight fight contract with low price that he respected it till now,
but after rich became champion : please look at his fights ...
Nathan Quarry : the winner of TUF, not a class A fighter.
David Loiseau : he is very high class fighter but look at his fight with tanner in UFN 2 , if not for his nasty elbows , you can guess what happen to that fight...he had nothing in that fight..too many take downs by tanner...and also look at his current fight with swick...
in two first rounds he had nothing to show..if u take his elbows ability from him he will kiss goodbye fighting forever...
Anderson Silva : one fight in UFC , he is a good fighter but who he won in his last fighter : Chris Leben : i dont tell u about him cause you know him
i dont say Silva is not a good fighter but t they try to show that he is very very good fighter(very better than the fighter he is..)..and i know he has nothing to show against rich franklin..and ufc will enjoy other fight with rich as champion with low salary..

finally i wanted to tell this :
can we compare rich franklin fights after he became champion with tanner fight after he became champion ??
why they did not bring chuck liddle in middleweight and put him against rich ??
he can easily become middleweight too...(just an example...)
how the **** you fight in lightheavyweight and suddenly they give you title shot in middle weight ??
I am rich franklin FAN too as a fighter, but there is many things that i wanted to share...
sorry for my bad english...but plz drop some idea here...

toraj 10-07-2006 02:48 AM


Originally Posted by nickman9000
ANderson SIlva was not on TUF

Sorry, my mistake.. but dont change my idea, after one fight you got title shot ? ok. no problem they did it to david terrell but he beat matt lindland not chris leben...

SilentFury 10-07-2006 03:20 AM

Here is my 2 cent:

I understand why you are confused at why Dana has given Anderson Silva a shot at the title. Im not completely sure, but these would be a few reasons why.

Anderson Silva has fought all around the world, he's known for his demigod like striking. His looks is deceiving since he looks like a freakin' twig, but from what ive seen..his fists are logs. Silva has had successful KO victories over top fighters all around the world. Two out of his four losses were just plain bad luck.
-His fight with Ryo Chonan was some real bad luck.He was winning the fight until that sneaky bastard jumped into a scissors takedown to heel hook(which by the way looked disgusting at how Ryo twisted Silva's ankle).
-His most recent loss was due to DQ in ROTR. Silva wasn't allowed to do an up kick to the face while on his back, and what we got up kick to the face of his opponent. My guess is that he just wasn't familiar with the rules. Or Silva is a ****..but I doubt it.

I know Leben is considered a B-class fighter, and people are upset just because Silva beat Leben, he gets a title shot. But you need to think a bit further into it. Chris was destroying pretty much every fighter that was given to him, exciting or not he beat them all.
Silva's fight with Leben was just plain brutal. I seriously think Silva was only giving 60% in that fight. He rocked Leben early, flurried his ass, then knee'd him to his dreams without even getting touched.

And remember, Dana is desprate for a Contender. Seeing how Dana marched Nate to his doom only after three fights, im sure he is being more cautious with Swick. Although Swick won the fight with Loiseau, I still don't it wasn't a big test for him. Maybe Loiseau was still shell shocked from the Franklin fight and lost his aggression.
They should have done Swick vs Silva first.

toraj 10-07-2006 03:33 AM


Originally Posted by SilentFury
They should have done Swick vs Silva first.

I agree with it, swick and silva was the best choice before giving them a title shot...

yellow man 10-07-2006 03:51 AM

yah they are rushing him into a title i think he needs to have at least 2 back to back wins with decent people before he gets the shot.

but he did beat chris bad didnt even look like he tryed

they might just be trying to make money like i think someone said... most of us only seen him once and it was a very good win very quick to a fighter that most people heard of. and because it was free alot of people saw it and i dunno kinda like a lure...people might wanna see if he really is as good as he was against chris. more exposure than if he started in paper veiw.

just my thoughts if you can under stand im a bad writer

toraj 10-07-2006 03:58 AM

as a fan of evan tanner and then rich franklin, my first thing in my mind is why things are different when tanner became champion and when rich is champ and why he dropdown to lower weight class and got title shot. he beat shamrock, and even tanner in ufc 42. i think as a champion rich franklin did not pass a good fighter yet. the crow and Nathan Quarry were not big deal.

rich knocked down by both tanner and the crow, it means he has some weakness too.....

but i still say Silva is not a big deal. they make a scarecrow of him...

yellow man 10-07-2006 04:20 AM

i just watched that highlight boy got some crazy hands and legs they are pritty fast and accurate and the way he moves lookes like he might have some good cardio i dunno

theres also one were he beat horn. his hands looked awsome and again with the cardio he even looked like he had a little striking from the bottom i dunno another highlight

from the highlights and i know they aint all that great for information cause usaly favor one person his hands look torpedoes. smooth and powerful.

we might be playing him down a little just a thought dunno.

j.farrell 10-07-2006 09:16 AM

anderson silva is a monster..and i think dana is making a mistake thinking he's just feeding people to rich..anderson could very easily not saying he will def win but it is a very strong possibility..silva has trained with two of the best camps on the world..he was with chute boxe and brazilian top team..he has alot of skill..he is a great addition to the mw div. i just hope if he loses we get to see him fight some other guys..and dana doesnt just sweep him under the rug

Conor 10-07-2006 12:00 PM

franklin fight with tanner was his second fight at middleweight guy, his first fight wus with that Riveira kid on TUF 4

WouldLuv2FightU 10-07-2006 12:32 PM

Well, his first fight was Tanner, second fight was Dewees, third fight was Rivera, faught Shamrock as a LHW, then Tanner again....what I wanna know is which of these fights were @ middleweight and which (other than Shamrock) were at light heavyweight? I can't remember it's been forever since I watched any of these fights.

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