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x X CLoud X x 10-17-2006 11:37 AM

Rich Franklins Nose after UFC 64 *PICS*
due to all the request, i seen everyone ask about one of my favorite Fighters Nose.. here it is

"I've been an MMA fan for a long time and I watched all fight venues from around the world, it's rediculous that some of you guys on here think that ufc fighters are the best pound for pound fighters in the world. Basically that's just american hype and lack of knowledge of true MMA. It's just like the hype with Chuck Liddell and Rampage Jackson, not a lot of UFC fans believed that Chuck would lose and basically that reason is american hype and lack of knowledge. Don't be a UFC fan, Be a MMA fan. Basically what I'm trying to point out is true MMA fans already knew Franklin was going to lose to Silva. People say that Anderson has no ground skills, that's a good one he has a black belt in jiu jitsu thru the Nog twins. You never get to see the jiu jitsu skills because he chooses to destroy people on his feet. Not even Jeremy Horn could submit him and keep him down, what makes you think Rich Franklin's ground skills is better, HAHAHA! Another point is 17-4 record he's never been knocked out, one lose came by decision, two by submission and one by DQ and that's not his full record. He's fought all over the world and started in Bare Knuckle Vale Tudo like Wanderlei Silva. Anderson Silva is no push over and he shouldn't be takin lightly. Their are some good UFC fighters but truly testing out an MMA warrior takes fighting outside the box. Chuck Liddell figured that out when he went to pride. No excuses with Franklin and Silva, the better man won and that makes all the sense in the world."
Quoted from The Berserker

That is some words of wisdom right there ^ best and most non 1 sided opinion i read so far, and i read all 20something pages, so to get the feel of how many people felt that way, and its just insane, for any of you to think its Fixed or UFC rules all or he wasnt 100%, is pure BS... Rich knew what he was getting himself into, and he accepted, plain and simple..

if say another 3months went by and he fought Silva, Rich gets beat and then everyone and there mothers would be saying, he hasnt fought in 10months, see my point, when is it that your going to draw the correct amount of time he fights.. regardless anything after the 7months would be even more time away from the ring, so the sooner the better..

The reason why Rich was being tossed around like a Rag-Doll was, do you know how it feels to be put into a Clinch much less from a former Chute Boxe member... LoL, alright let me explain this for those of us who has never been put into a muy thai clinch, the amount of energy spent on breaking out of it is exhausting, much less taking 1 knee to the midsection/ribs = Breathtaking, it knocks the wind outta you and hurts like a Mother Fawking Bltch and Silva connected many 20+ knees, (just picture getting hit by logs) so by that time, Rich was all gassed, his midsection in excruciating pain, all he can think about is protecting his mid section, you would see even a few times, towards the end, he would drop his guard lower just so that he could protect taking another....

but i give him much respect for taking that many and not passing out, or giving up.. i know after 1 of Silva knees, we would all be laying on the floor, passed out...

Rich def. knows how to break out of clinches and he's a way smarter/better fighter then all of us, dont you think he thought of all these ideas we thought of, to break out, come on the guy does this for a living, any beginner of Muy Thai is taught various ways of breaking out of it, and im sure Rich knows of more ways then the people who teach us.

thats like telling Michael Jordan how to play ball...

but Silva caught him with a perfect clinch (hands locked behind the crown, forearms locked beside the neck) and the rest, your just in for a beating.... Rich didnt react fast enough to break lose, and like Rich mentioned, he just underestimated Silva (deadly,big mistake) and probably thought he could muscle his way out of this skinny looking black guy (i know hes spanish)

but honestly Rich was asking for the beatdown, if you watch the video, Silva tried to put Rich in a clinch 3x, only the last one connected perfectly, that shouldve been a HELLO i better do something since the this guy already attempted it twice on me and almost caught me the 2nd time...

ps- open your eyes up to MMA not just UFC, you will only learn so much from 1 sided things.. if you are a true fan of the sport, you branch out and learn as many as possible..

x X CLoud X x 10-17-2006 11:38 AM

x X CLoud X x 10-17-2006 11:38 AM

x X CLoud X x 10-17-2006 11:40 AM

Man i cringe just looking at it.... but i have respect for Rich for not Tapping out and taking them

ps- look at the look on Tims face

AtomDanger 10-17-2006 11:40 AM

Yeah, thats pretty bad, I am sure they straightened it right up though

blackskimmer 10-17-2006 12:08 PM

I think this is a general "growing pain" of the UFC in the US. Yes it was a big wake up call. However what you will see in a bit is that Sliva will be accepted (especially if he makes an effort to become part of the UFC community eg. attending the events, signing autographs, learning enough english to speak to the public without a translater). He is no longer a "outside fighter". He is a UFC fighter and a dam good one at that. To be honest im thrilled to have him in here. I like the UFC better then pride but that doesnt mean I dont like to have Sliva in the loop.

I hope we see more of this in the near future. I feel for Rich and if he gets a rematch I think it will be alot different then the first fight. He is a very technical fighter, and will do alot more homework before his next fight. Im not saying he will walk in and beat sliva without a fight. Im saying i expect it to be alot more even then next time around. Which is good for us, the UFC and the sport in general.

The mob is fickle. A few more destruco fights from Sliva and you will see the UFC fans (which you MUST understand is extremely NEW to the sport) come around and start to accept him and the talent outside of the states.

Good post though. The reason Rich didnt break out soon out of the clinch is that he thought it would be an advantage to him. You can see him not fight it at first and try to block the knees then counter with his own. The problem is that after he threw his first two knees (which didnt connect) he was finished already. The main problem is leverage. Sliva is longer limbed, and having your head pushed into your chest does not put you into the best postion to throw knee's at someone else.

Not to mention that Sliva was very very smart by constantly controlling Rich's movement (by that I mean he constantly kept Rich moving and off balance). The whole problem is rich didnt realise he was in a heap load of shit until it was too late. Next time a one leg take down attempt or a drop and takedown will be the first thing to enter into his mind not the "Oh this is just what we wanted!"

AtomDanger 10-17-2006 12:13 PM


Originally Posted by nickman9000
Tim looks like he just got done crying. What a puss.:cheeky4:

haha yeah he does!!!!

JWangSDC 10-17-2006 12:22 PM


Originally Posted by AtomDanger
haha yeah he does!!!!

matt hughes' face was priceless as well.

Evil 10-17-2006 12:32 PM

What is wrong with feeling bad about your friend losing his belt?? I feel bad everytime one of my guys loses a fight so.. Maybe im a wuss to but i dont like seeing my friends/students get hurt emotionely or physicly even if its a part of the game

AtomDanger 10-17-2006 12:33 PM


Originally Posted by Evil
What is wrong with feeling bad about your friend losing his belt?? I feel bad everytime one of my guys loses a fight so.. Maybe im a wuss to but i dont like seeing my friends/students get hurt emotionely or physicly even if its a part of the game

I agree 100%, I just don't like Tim Sylvia and I like to make fun of him any chance I get.

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