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MMA1990 10-18-2006 12:57 AM

No fixes
Iv seen more than three threads claiming that the fight with Anderson and Rich was fixed. This is so ridiculus its unbareble. Im guessing thoues of you who claim the fight was fixed have never seen any of Anderson's fights besides his one with Leben. He's a phenominal striker and he's good on the ground. Mabye some of you dont know that but Rich Franklin did and thats why he was so nervous before the fight. Not becasue it was fixed just becasue he was up aginst his most skilled opponet yet. Another thing is if the fight was fixed why would Franklin take so much beating? Do you really think Franklin would let someone break his nose the the point it could possibly leave him looking ugly he rest of his life for a fixed fight? Sounds a little over the top to me. A good fighter got outclassed thats basicallt all that happened. Most people who go unbeaten/almost unbeaten havent had a true challenge yet. Franklin had some tough fights but who did he defeat in the UFC who was absolutly top-notch...nobody. One other stupid rumor is that he had diarehha/flu! WHO'S MAKING THIS STUFF UP!? prehaps he did have a flu and diarehha lets see some eveidence and than i'll be a believer. I'm not asking for much just an article. Sorry but Franklin was dominated. I know its werid to see a good fighter be put away so fast but it happens look at Jens Pulvers fight. There where no fixes and no illness FRANKLIN WAS OUTCLASSED AND THAT IS ALL.

matt1970 10-18-2006 12:59 AM

it was fixed...anderson is not that good...sorry there are a lot of us that believe it was fixed....

Raiders18 10-18-2006 01:00 AM


Originally Posted by matt1970
it was fixed...anderson is not that good...sorry there are a lot of us that believe it was fixed....

stop messing with us lol

Mr. Bungle 10-18-2006 01:03 AM

For the record I never said the fight was fixed...I only said that the UFC prolongs the careers of the fighters of their choosing by putting them up against lesser/green/over the hill opponents.

And that is blatantly obvious...*cough* Matt Hughes *cough*

matt1970 10-18-2006 01:18 AM

i believe this was fixed my opinion personally...prolonging maybe but what about people being tired of the same oh champs the people needed a new champ in any divison the hw tried but no one cares at all.not all fights god no..just when the fans need one ...every sports that is goverened does it believe u me.maybe it was time for the ufc to stir it up....

lilpuncher 10-18-2006 02:01 AM

Ok I know its been a few days since the fight but I was just able to watch it today.And I can tell you with out a doubt the fight was fixed.There is no other way. It had to be. Seriously how else could Rich Franklin lose? He definatly could not of lost to a better man. Oh hell no, not the UFC's fly boy. Theres no way Rich could have been locked in a Muy Tia hold and kneed most of the match.
And MMA1990...his nose is not broken, and he really doesnt look all beat up, when they went to comerical Rich was rushed through makeup. Oh wait while we are on the subject I dont think rich was fight a human I think it was one of thoes aliens found at Roswell. Yes this is how silly most of you all sound. Im sorry but what I saw was a royal ass whooping, nothing else. I know Rich is a hero to alot of people but there is always going to be somebody....better than anything....anyone tries to do. And for Rich last Saturday night it was Anderson. Some of the things I am reading is starting to sound a bit like Ken Shamrock when ever Ken gets beat. Excuses.
Now with that said... Mr Bungle, I competely agree with you one one thing, there is a definate "prolongage' going on. But at the same time the UFC doesnt seem to be bringing in fighters, cept for thoes fighters from TUF. SO fight cards seem to be hapening over and over. ie Matt vs GSP, Randy vs Chuck, Tito vs Ken...and so forth. Every now and again we will see a fresh face but after one fight hes gone. Sorry about being a bit of a smart a$$ up there but thats kinda how some people sound.Is it me or is there a click of fighters who always get the main bout and always get their face plastered all over the place.

AtomDanger 10-18-2006 02:07 AM


Originally Posted by matt1970
it was fixed...anderson is not that good...sorry there are a lot of us that believe it was fixed....

lol, this guy cracks me up

matt1970 10-18-2006 02:10 AM

4 easy ways out single,double leg td,body lock to a judo throw was so easy my sister could do it and a or a strong swim move to escape to the feet..your dead wrong

matt1970 10-18-2006 02:35 AM


GroundNPound 10-18-2006 09:27 AM

22-2, Rich is one hell of a fighter. He's too proud to take a fall. I bet he'd rather quit fighting than take a dive. If that knee hadn't connected with his nose the fight would have went on. Anderson has unreal accurcy and he showed it with the damaging knee. Rich tried to continue but with a shot like that I bet he couldn't see at all. I've had my nose broken 4 times and depending on the impact you just can't see.

I knew days before that Rich was going to lose. Not because the fight was fixed but because of Anderson's skill.

Good luck to the winning middle weight of TUF4 :laugh:

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