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Eddie Bravo: "The game has changed"

Good interview with Eddie Bravo.

On his music, Jiu Jitsu and the rubber guard...

"I really enjoy teaching. I love it. But what I really want to do is the same thing I did for the Jiu Jitsu world and martial arts, I want to do in music. When I talk about Jiu Jitsu, people listen. I have the power to put whatever I want in my DVDs and in my seminars. I have total control and I like that. People let me do whatever I want to do because they know that they're going to get a good product. They just know that they trust me. The goal is to get to that point in the music business. I know the bigger that my Jiu Jitsu gets...and itís really just the beginning. Once everyone is using rubber guard in the UFC, itís going to be a lot different. Right now, itís just one here, one popping up there, but within a year or two, when everyone sees that it is the most effective way to play guard in MMA, then everyone is going to switch. Itís not just that these guys popping up are freaks doing it. Itís just thatís the guys who are putting the time in it and have faith. Itís huge in Japan. Imanari is now a rubber guard master. Tokoro is another one. Heís not that good at it, but heís using it. Itís just one by one, people are going to realize that it is the best way to fight in MMA. I play it every night I roll, every night I train and for me, I just know itís the best. You gotta know open guard, butterfly guard and half guard and all of that good stuff. Rubber guard wonít work all of the time, but it works at a higher rate than what everyone else is doing, thatís for sure. That percent is low. If rubber guard only worked 30% of the time and 70% of the time guys got out of it, thatís still a good percentage. Itís like throwing combinations. Youíre not going to knock a guy out every time you throw combinations. Youíre going to miss and miss, but if you keep hitting it, then bam, youíre going to catch them. Thatís really what itís all about, just raising the percentage, and once people really start understanding the effectiveness of it, then that will catapult my Jiu Jitsu to a whole new level and then my music will just piggy back on that. Thatís really the goal. Iím really just hoping my Jiu Jitsu will garner the biggest following that I can get and then boom, I will turn them on to my music. Thatís the goal; music is the goal."

"Yeah, Jiu Jitsu has always been a hobby. I started Jiu Jitsu when I was 24. Iíve produced music my whole life. I really use the Jiu Jitsu though. I think itís a cool little gift. Once I convince people that I actually can put together great music and they believe that, then I got 'em. Itís hard though. Itís hard for someone who is known for sports to break into music. Thatís very hard to do because I have the same audience, but now, I have to convince them that they can trust my music. Thatís why I stuffed it in my DVDs. I sprinkle my music all over so that you canít escape it and what that does is it gives me the chance to kind of grow on you. If you hear it 4 or 5 times, itís going to grow on you and then itís going to hit you that I am a legitimate music producer. Once I get that kind of response, then Iíll start dropping more singles. I got a reality show...weíre in the process right now. It will be about my Jiu Jitsu and music and stuff like that. Itís the producer from I Love New York, Flavor of Love, My Fair Brady, The Osborneís and all of that shit. Itís one of those producers so weíll see if it happens."

On current fighters that impress him...

"Dustin Hazelett, Tamden McCrory and Matt Horwich. All of the guys that have an open enough mind to add to their game, those are the ones to watch out for. All of the fighters that are seeking new techniques to add weapons instead of being a 2 or 3 trick pony. You could have 15-20 different strong attacks; most people donít even have one. Alistair Overeem has one. Heís got a ******* guillotine and how many people have a guillotine like him? How many fighters are known for a submission that they just nail? Not too many. Most fighters donít even have one good attack. In the Jiu Jitsu world, there are guys that have 3 or 4 good techniques. You could have 15-20, you just have to practice them and be open to adding more weapons to your game. Matt Horwich, that guy...once people see him in the UFC with the pre-fight interviews and see what heís about, there is no other fighter like that. He is a hippie, punker-type of guy with that whole lover of the universe attitude; they're going to love that guy. Matt Horwich is unlike any other fighter Iíve ever met."

On some of the problems that older fightes are having...

"Jiu Jitsu is the only part of MMA training where you get exposed. You could work on your striking all day; there is no real competition. Youíre hitting the mitts and hitting the bags, doing some light sparring; no one is knocking anybody out. No one wins and no one loses. You could literally work on your striking every day and never really have your ego be a factor. The same thing goes for your wrestling. You get taken down and itís like, ďOh, he took me down; whatever.Ē Itís like playing basketball. Itís like, "yeah, he made a 3-pointer, but can he kick my ass?" You could work on your wrestling and never really have your ego checked that way, but then when you work on your Jiu Jitsu and you get tapped out...ohhh, every day you could get tapped out. Now youíre a famous fighter and everyone wants to tap out the famous fighter and now, once you become famous, you donít want to roll as much. Youíre picking who you roll with and your Jiu Jitsu doesnít evolve. That happens to so many people. So many UFC fighters and famous fighters from Japan...well not really Japan because they're ballsy; they donít give a shit. I have a lot of Japanese fighters that come in and they're the ones that want to roll. Foreign fighters come in and want to get in there and roll, but American fighters, once they're famous man, itís hard for them to really get down and roll. Itís not too many that will and it stifles the game. You gotta evolve. Itís like everyoneís grappling stops evolving once they become famous."

"Matt Hughes just started getting really good in Jiu Jitsu. He just realized, ďOh, it is better to pass the guard and get the mount.Ē Heís just getting it. After all of those years of not really learning Jiu Jitsu, now heís starting to play the game. His striking never evolved. He should have been a tremendous striker by now. Heís been fighting so long you would think he was a tremendous striker by now. I mean, look at guys like Urijah Faber and Tyson Griffin who havenít been in the game that long. They wrestled their whole lives and bam, they really focused on the striking and those guys can really strike. If Matt Hughes really worked on his striking and maybe even had went to Thailand and do what the youngsters do, like, ď**** it, Iím going to move to Thailand,Ē you know, or just get really serious about his striking and get really serious about his Jiu Jitsu and fall in love with Jiu Jitsu and start watching Marcelo Garcia tapes and analyze his game more, he could be the world champion again for sure."
A lot more from Eddie Bravo as he talks about Matt Hughes, GSP and a bunch of other stuff in the full interview. Pretty good read:

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Good read.

I definitly think Dustin Hazelett is going to do big things. Very impressed from what ive seen against KOS and BURK
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too bad his music is REALLY bad. it is difficult to listen to. shame.
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Where's the part about GSP? I'm not wearing my contact lenses so I may have missed it..
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matt hughes in his all access said he might get tapped once a month....to me, that is just pathetic....the only way to get smarter is to play a smarter opponent (courtesy of Revolver (a movie i liked actually, despite bad reviews))...and to say you get tapped once a month speaks to how shitty your training partners are. in stark contrast to say ATT, w/ like like 30 bjj black belts...your someone's gonna be showing you new shit every day

thiago alves had a TERRIBLE ground game before he moved to ATT...now he's a blackbelt and is very calm when on the ground now...probably b/c all those top level bjj guys there having been tapping his ass left and right
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Good interview, but did I miss something. It ends abruptly, is there a page 2??

Regardless of whether he fights or not, he's right. GSP/Silva are the prime examples. If you aren't doing what those 2 are doing, you aren't going to get anywhere. It's MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. You'd be stupid not to train everything, all the time, and never settle for dominance in one particular area.

I Have A Heterocrush on GSP

Originally Posted by ZaoSyn View Post
Fedor is ****ed. I just Googled "Arlovski" and that's the guy with the vampire teeth!
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eddie is teh man! omaplata from rubber guard for life
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Originally Posted by Fedor>all View Post
Where's the part about GSP? I'm not wearing my contact lenses so I may have missed it..
Lol, I know the feeling. I am very nearsighted...
I didnt read the first paragraphs but Im pretty sure GSP wasnt in it... MAybe you missed the other thread with him joining the CAS or whatever it is called?

Anyway, good points from Eddie Bravo. Not that I think Hughes is gonna follow these suggestions due to his conservativeness and pride.

Chuck Liddell is also one of those fighters that needs an improved game. He is actually less versatile than back in the day.

Fun trivia: In danish "kamp" means "match" or "fight". So Martin Kampmann really lives up to his name.
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Originally Posted by Aaronyman View Post
probably b/c all those top level bjj guys there having been tapping his ass left and right

NYBA Champ @ 170!
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Originally Posted by Fedor>all View Post
Where's the part about GSP? I'm not wearing my contact lenses so I may have missed it..
heres part of the continuation of the article.. this is the part when he say something about GSP

That's what happened to Georges St.
Pierre. Georges really refined his striking and his Jiu Jitsu gets
better in every fight. You could see his Jiu Jitsu getting better in
every fight. He's passing peoples guard like a world champion. You could
tell when a guy has evolved on the ground because when they're on top,
they're constantly trying to pass. That's the goal; that's the *******
game, to pass the ******* guard without any hesitation. You can't ground
and pound everyone out. You gotta be grounding and pounding to pass
because what do you think, you're going to ground and pound him out in
his guard? That's so low percentage; you gotta pass the guard and that's
just now becoming official strategies. It's like, "Hey, you do have to
pass the guard. The Brazilians were right the whole time." Even in the
early 2000's, that wasn't everybody's strategy. A lot of fighters wanted
to sit in half guard and pound them and rain elbows, but never try and
pass the guard. When you have that kind of attitude, you're only going
to get so far. Your game is going to be so limited and you're going to
win some and lose some; you're going to bat .500 and not get very far.
If you're not trying to pass, then for sure, you're not trying to have a
technical guard and then someone is going to put you on your back and
expose the fact that you can't fight off of your back. The game has

Rooting for..
HW - Brandon Vera
LHW - Lyoto Machida
MW - Martin Kampmann
WW - John Fitch
LW - Clay Guida
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