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Jamal 11-26-2009 10:13 AM

Tito's Post Fight Comments

Theres the video for the various fighters and their comments from the post fight, i used to be a Tito fan but really i cant get behind this guy anymore.

Its not even the excuses, to sit there and say that you think you won 20 times over and to say "id like to see anyone else get in the cage like i did tonight" pisses me off man, can he ever take a loss??

I really think he realises that hes done, he constantly says "My career is in Dana's hands, it is what it is" ******* drama, he continually says he got robbed... robbed?? i dont think so..

DJ Syko 11-26-2009 10:28 AM

Am a big Tito fan(or use to be) but man does he like to whinge, its seriously pissing me off, a true fighter wouldn't make excuses like that, they would just continue to get better and prove there worth. Even in defeat he still tries to prove to people he is better than everyone, instead of talking so much just go out there and prove to us your the best for crying out loud, instead of talking like your the best.

Big Nog had a life threatening staph infection before the Mir fight and was hospitalized and everything and he didn't make one excuse in his defeat, even when people knew his injuries he still continued to give Mir credit for his win.

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