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j-grif 11-28-2009 10:24 PM

Coleman Vs. Couture Official For Ufc 109
Randy Couture and Mark Coleman are spawned from the same superior wrestling pedigree. Both began their mixed martial arts careers with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, each winning tournament titles in their respective debuts.
Couture, 46, and Coleman, 44, both appear destined to finish their MMA careers with the UFC as well.
So it’s somewhat surprising that they have never had to face each other in the Octagon... until now.
Confirming earlier reports from, Coleman’s long-time friend and vice president of MMA Authentics, Michael DiSabato, on Saturday emailed saying that Coleman had signed his bout agreement to face Couture at UFC 109 on Feb. 6 in Las Vegas.
“Better now than never!” Coleman said via DiSabato’s email.
Coleman (16-9) is coming off a knee injury that forced him to withdraw from a scheduled fight with Tito Ortiz at UFC 106. The "Hammer House" original made his last Octagon appearance in July, defeating Stephan Bonnar by unanimous decision at UFC 100. He made his MMA debut in July of 1996, capturing the UFC 10 tournament title by winning three fights in one night.
Couture (17-10) recently won a close decision victory over light heavyweight Brandon Vera at UFC 105 in Manchester, England. It was his first bout at 205 pounds since February 2006, when he lost a bid to regain the title against Chuck Liddell at UFC 57. He made his MMA debut in May of 1997, capturing the UFC 13 heavyweight tournament title with two victories on the same night.
The two will meet in a light heavyweight bout as part of the main event of UFC 109 on Super Bowl weekend. Top 10 middleweights Nate Marquardt and Chael Sonnen will also fight that night to determine the next challenger to UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, who is currently recovering from arthroscopic surgery to clean out his elbow.
Couture's camp was not immediately available to confirm his signing at the time of publication.

This will be fun! I don't see any submission from either of them in this. I'm gonna say Randy takes this late in the second round via TKO due to overwhelming GnP.

SSD 11-28-2009 10:44 PM

I see Coleman taking this. It could go either way since they are just so old but I think Coleman has the edge when it comes to strength and early explosiveness. If Couture can push Coleman against the cage, he could grind out a decision but I think Coleman will prepare for that and shoot for Couture's legs.

Whoever loses should retire. I like both guys but its time to hang 'em up. They are great athletes and would kick my ass (even though they are old enough to be my great-great-great....grandfathers). This is also why I am rooting for Coleman. I feel that he still has something to prove to himself while Couture is just competing for the sake of fame and money. If Dana were to force these guys out, I an pretty sure we'd see Coleman at the next barnyard MMA event trying to convince himself that he should be considered a legend in this sport. He is just so insecure of himself and the best remedy is for him to beat a legend in Couture and then go on to have a few more competitive matches against top level competition before he croaks.

UrbanBounca 11-28-2009 11:00 PM

I have Couture by decision, 'cause they both such at striking and BJJ. Couture will push him against the cage, and pull the decision.

SSD 11-28-2009 11:05 PM


Originally Posted by UrbanBounca (Post 1055307)
I have Couture by decision, 'cause they both such at striking and BJJ. Couture will push him against the cage, and pull the decision.

If that's the case, it will be soooo boring and soooo slow. Rogan will be snoozing while Goldberg is screaming, "AND ANOTHER SHOT BY RANDY!!!" for some baby punch.

The Horticulturist 11-28-2009 11:22 PM

Coleman will Gas against a wrestler as strong as Randy is after a round or two.

If Randy puts it on him hard enough, he should be able to TKO him in the 3rd.

Coleman looked good against Bonner, but he's not going to have such an easy time getting Couture down.

For the record, the thought of this fight makes me miserable inside, I don't want to see these guys get punched for 3 straight rounds. (I feel like Coleman will die in the cage if he keeps fighting.) but as time goes on, I am looking forward to it in a nostalgic kind of way.

_RIVAL_ 11-28-2009 11:29 PM

I really don't want to see this fight. Randy is gonna twist Coleman up badly.

Nefilim777 11-29-2009 04:50 AM

I'm not really sure why this fight is happening. It's kinda sad I think. I like both guys, but I'd rather see them both go out fighting some young buck then each other...

Biowza 11-29-2009 05:23 AM

I think there are more interesting matchups for both of them.

Oh well, I guess I'll just sit back and enjoy it as best I can.

The Legacy 11-29-2009 07:50 AM

Randy by decision. I've got the feeling this is going to be a pretty boring fight...

Randy is such a legend though. Not only is he fighting as his age, but he is still fighting regularly. He fought at 102, 105 and now he is booked for 109. Crazy.

machidaisgod 11-29-2009 08:19 AM

Well on the bright side the immortal question of which Kung-Fu is stronger - LN
P Vs SNP should be decided once and for all. Ih head butts were legal as they should bethen Coleman would out point him imho.

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