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Xerxes 12-03-2009 04:32 AM

Fabiano Wagnney: “Never fight when you’re hurt”

The last months had a lot of changes to Wagnney Fabiano. Training to his fights on the base in Canada, the former IFL champion suffered his first loss at WEC, being submitted by the newcomer Mackens Semerzier. To complete, the belt conquered by his friend, José Aldo, made him to decide to change the weight, because he wouldn’t accept to fight with his team partner.

On January 10, Wagnney make his first fight at WEC bantamweight division, and the opponent will be Frank Gomez, who has eight victories in nine MMA fights. “Everything is fine, the expectation is the best possible. I think that the hardest to me will be the weight, but the rest is fine“, the black belt said, who will study more the game of the opponent. “I don’t know him very well, but, to be there, he must have his merits. It’s gonna be a tough fight, for sure“.

Learning with the defeat, ending an win streak that lasted three years, the Brazilian wants to be 100%. “The secret is to come well, without injuries and the right weight, because the rest I know that I’ll do well on the fight. The learning is never to fight when you’re hurt. The money don’t matter, never fight when you’re hurt. That’s something I’ve learned, and it was hard (laugh)“, jokes.

Before the fight between José Aldo and Mike Brown, the black belt previewed that Aldo would pass thru the American, and he was right. “I don’t have to say more, I’ve said so many times (laugh). It wasn’t surprised at all, I train with him and I know his potential. I know that he will keep the belt for a while, but he have to keep his mind up, because now he’s on top, but tomorrow you can go down, as me and (Vitor) Shaolin were, but we knew how to invest our money on the right place and now we have the results of that moment“, advises.

It was shocking to see him getting tapped by a 5-0 new comer in Mackens Semerzier.. He's saying he wasn't 100% but who knows.

Him cutting to 135 is a good move though, + they wont fight with Jose Aldo.

His next opponent is Frank Gomez, a tough opponent fighter with good wrestling and a good camp behind him (GJ's academy).

mattreis324 12-04-2009 08:14 PM

I always though Fabiano was a pretty good sized FW, I wonder how hard it's going to be for him to make 135.

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