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KIMBO IS THE BEST !!! lol nah but i wanna see kimbo vs al turk or mcsweeney then if he wins give him keith sardine
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Originally Posted by daveh98 View Post
Kimbo got knocked down on a weak leg kick...and layed there for 2 seconds before getting up. Both fighters did not close the show when the final 30 seconds were being counted. They stood there and when the bell rang, both fighters gassed out and put bent down to catch their out of shape breath. They were EXHAUSTED like fighters that would...you know...actually have fought intensely for 3 rounds.

Pretending they were exhausted is another reason I believe Houston was paid by someone to lose the fight. Why was Houston exhausted? He didn't do much of anything. The phoniest fight I've seen since Butterbean vs. Sean Haire.
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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
How about the slam and the way he passed the guard like nothing, Im not singing Kimbo`s praises but at least give him the credit does deserve.
Yep he does deserve credit. At least he busting his ass trying to improve.

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iunno why you guys are impressed obviously alexander was paid to lose that fight for marketing reasons kimbo lost on UF and then turned down a fight to on UF wich dana usualy fusses about and then houston did nothing but sit there and run around kicking his leg trying to give kimbo the fight and he sucks so bad that he still couldnt end it.if kimbo impressed you then you must have never been in an mma fight or even sparred with someone.it doesnt work like that.
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my opinion is this.. kimbo has tremdous heart and seems like a humble person.. how many times does he mention that he wants to learn everything he can. fighting is what he loves. i think he will just train harder at his ground game and muay thai.. only to improve his overall skills. kimbo has come along way since his street fights.

and if all you people are bashing kimbo because he came off the streets and you think hes still a nobody and doesnt have what it takes to be a mma fighter, then some of you challenge him in a fight and then comeback and tell us hes not a fighter.
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I think Slice vs Bonnar would be a good Brawl.
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Originally Posted by daveh98 View Post
Just curious as to how people are impressed with Kimbo last night; please don't tell me it is because Company Man Joe Blogan said so? I am getting really tired of Joe's innate ability to use rhetoric and inflection in his voice to influence people's thoughts.

The reality is that Kimbo and Houston looked horrible. Houston dropped his left hand with every lame leg kick he threw in which Bimbo could have countered with an overhand right. Kimbo is WAY too muscled to have any kind of fluid hand movement and speed. He does NOT move his head at all. He did a horrible job cutting off the cage and allowing houston to circle excessively without getting off any counters. Kimbo did not know what to do on the ground. Just because he got a good slam (strength) does not make a good ground fighter. He did not set up anything significant on the ground. Kimbo would get murdered by any fighter with decent head movement and handspeed.
Kimbo was gunshy because it's his first fight in the UFC and he didn't want to get knocked out? I'm more impressed that Kimbo didn't get drawn into a slugfest with Houston like Houston was obviously trying to bait him into. Kimbokept his patience and his head. Kimbo does move his head usually, you can see it in all his older fights, but he didn't in this one because all Houston was doing was throwing kicks.

Kimbo didn't know what to do on the ground? You mean aside from getting mount twice,the kimura attempt, the choke attempt and almost pounding Alexander out? please. It has nothing to do with Rogan that I was impressed with Kimbo, it has everything to do with his advancement in his knowledge of the game. Sure he was far from being spot on technical, but it's a hell of a lot better than what he was doing before. Also, that slam was set up pretty well and wasn't all strength. Watch it again, Kimbo totally uses correct technique with it too. Drops his hips under Houstons, lifts with his legs, rotates and dumps him. Much more than just brute strength.

Kimbo got knocked down on a weak leg kick...and layed there for 2 seconds before getting up. Both fighters did not close the show when the final 30 seconds were being counted. They stood there and when the bell rang, both fighters gassed out and put bent down to catch their out of shape breath. They were EXHAUSTED like fighters that would...you know...actually have fought intensely for 3 rounds.
Kimbo also has arthritis and no cartilage in that knee. He's got bone on bone action in his knee right now, that's extremely painful to get kicked in. Kimbo has also never cut weight before. Remember, he fought at HW, so this was a new game for him. If there's been one good thing about Kimbo it's that he's had decent cardio. He might not have the cardio of Diego Sanchez, but he's usually not THAT gassed after a fight. I think the weight cut had quite an effect on him.

The reason Bimbo won; in case anyone doesn't know, is because he is a draw for the UFC. He was one of the worst on the show yet was the main advertisement for the entire season. Of course he got the decision because he is going to bring in the rest of the fans that exist that still think he is some big scary Mr. T looking fighter.
Kimbo won that fight because he won that fight. The UFC has nothing to do with the decisions from the judges, they're picked by the NSAC, not the UFC. And there's also no way in hell you can tell me Houston won that fight.

Absolutely horrible fight and Company Man Blogan sure knew how to sell this for Daddy Dana.
That is his job... if you think he's biased then don't listen to him. His bias is obviously influencing your bias because there's no way in hell Houston won that fight anyways. Kimbo was impressive because of how far he's come as a fighter, not because Rogan said so.
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You make some good counter-points and I do agree with the fact that he did use more than just strength on the take down after re-watching. I also have no real bias as I can't stand houston. I felt this was just a fight for entertainment purposes for pitting two guys that knock out and get knocked out. I really did not see Kimbo look very good on the ground upon re-watching and I do take your points under consideration. However I think that his game should be much higher before getting the exposure and TV spots (and even the fights) that he has. He does not deserve where he is at in my opinion. He is a hype job that has REALIZED he has to be humble and "hungry" in order to get any respect. His macho attitude quickly got checked when he was exposed at the C level (seth Petro). Kimbo was a big bully that that fought guys that didn't even want to fight him (the guy on the internet with the eye practically falling out was begging to stop). Kimbo's handlers, even on the internet level kept the fights standing...especially when he fought and lost on youtube. EliteXC did the same thing. So I do not think he is fully genuine. I think he is playing the appropriate game to get exposure and training but that doesn't mean I respect his rise. I think he is helping with the decline of the perception of the sport. The casual is looking at some of these fights and thinking the stereotype "meathead bar brawlers." My wife watches both the UFC and boxing matches with me. I am a martial artist, former high school D1 wrestler and golden gloves boxer so she knows and appreciates my passion for combat sports. She LOVED watching Edger dominate with pure skill with his wrestling and higher level stand up boxing. She couldnt stand how, in her words, "bummy" Kimbo and Houston looked. SHe is right. They just stood there and Kimbo could hardly adjust his gameplan to Houstons very low level game. I am sorry but I am not changing my opinion on the fact that a B level fighter would have let a leg kick hit, watch Houston's hand drop and follow with an overhand right to end the fight. Now when we switched to Paul Williams and Martinez (whether people know the fight or not) she couldn't help but get engaged with very high level fighting.

If Kimbo and these entertainment fights and fighters keep coming to the UFC and MMA in general, I see a decline in the level that it was growing at in terms of athleticism. I see too many football players and people wanting to "test their skills" just jump in the MMA...and doing so with success because it is bringing the organization money. I love the sport but I am seeing that they are becomming more concerned with just putting on "styles make fights" instead of putting on the best fights. I don't care if a fight takes 25 minutes and it takes place all on the ground because I appreciate high level transitions and people that can dominate. The average fan cannot and that is what the UFC is starting to cater too and Kimbo is a shining example of that IMO>
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why is everyone bashing Kimbo, you guys are all losers and pathetic. Do you think he all of a sudden tried to change his career into MMA, he got offered a lot of money to take a couple fights. WHO WOULDNT DO IT???

and its not like he is not trying to learn, he has the dediation to keep training and learning his flaws, Thats better then we can say for Kongo or Houston whos ground game has been pathetic for more then 3 years.
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Originally Posted by RFC View Post
I think Slice vs Bonnar would be a good Brawl.
I picked David Heath as a good fight for Kimbo, but I sure would like to see Bonnar get in there and hammer Kimbo.
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