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AceFranklin88 12-16-2009 02:42 AM

Mir vs Carwin for Interim title at UFC 111 in New Jersey?


While UFC president Dana White recently said the status of UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar would be decided in the next four to six weeks, things are apparently progressing much faster. ( has learned from sources close to the organization that the UFC is targeting an interim heavyweight title matchup between top contender Shane Carwin and former UFC champion Frank Mir.

If both parties agree, the contest may take place at the increasingly attractive UFC 111 event on March 27 in Newark, N.J.

Carwin has been waiting patiently on the sidelines in recent months while current champion Brock Lesnar looks to rehabilitate from a case of diverticulitis as well as potential additional issues that the the champion and White have been reluctant to divulge.

While Carwin has waited through the cancellations of two different fight dates, when the potential of a matchup with Mir was brought up in recent days, he was quick to agree to the thought.

"Mir is a multiple-time champion who has been counted out more [than] Mike Tyson to only find himself right back at the top," Carwin wrote on his official website. "He is a legend of the sport, and I would be honored to fight him."

He may now get that chance.

Mir had recently found himself among the heavyweight division's second-tier of fighters, but an impressive win over French kickboxer Cheick Kongo left an impression in many fans' minds.

While Mir wasn't sure exactly what his status was following the win, the former champ admitted the pressure was on him to prove he belonged among the division's elite.

"I really felt that I had to come out there and decisively smash (Kongo) to make a statement," he said. "If I had of went out there and won a three-round decision against Cheick Kongo, I don't believe that would have elevated my status."

That status may now find him in an intriguing matchup for an interim belt and a date that both Carwin and Mir hope for: a future bout with Lesnar.

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HitOrGetHit 12-16-2009 03:21 AM

I think that Mir will take this. I think that he will be alright on his feet and if it goes to the ground he will rip off one of Carwin's limbs.

I am not a big fan of either fighter, but this fight does interest me! And Frank Mir sure is getting a lot of title shots lately. He got Nog for the interim, Lesnar for the unification, now Carwin for an interim, and if he wins it will be Lesnar for the unification again.

joshua7789 12-16-2009 03:27 AM

Great fight for both guys. We will find out if Carwin is the real deal and see how well Mir does with another big wrestler. Mir has the advantage everywhere except for wrestling but Carwin does possess some serious power in his hands and can catch people off guard with it. Im pretty excited for this one.

wukkadb 12-16-2009 03:29 AM

Mir does not deserve a shot at the interim title IMO.

Ruckus 12-16-2009 03:41 AM

I think Mir is more than deserving for a shot at the interim belt. There are so many guys that "could be" or are "supposed to be" the next great HW. Mir on the other hand is a former champion who lost to the current champion. His fight against Kongo proved that he is in top form again. The winner of Nog/Cain would than have a shot at the interim belt if Brock is still on the shelve (which I think he very well will be). That only leaves JDS on the outside looking in, who ha a match at 108 with Yvel. I think Mir beats Carwin, so in a perfect world, Nog will beat Cain to set up Mir/Nog II and put all of those staph infection theories to rest.

Xerxes 12-16-2009 05:15 AM

I see Carwin taking this.

Big mouth will struggle to TD him but I see him winning the stand-up until Shane lands a big punch, drops him and finishes him with gnp some time in rd 1 or 2.

Pretty close fight though.

Hammerlock2.0 12-16-2009 05:30 AM

What? How does Mir deserve this over Cain and JDS? This is just a business decision in my opinion and I don't agree with it.

Ruckus 12-16-2009 05:51 AM


Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 (Post 1070331)
What? How does Mir deserve this over Cain and JDS? This is just a business decision in my opinion and I don't agree with it.

JDS is fighting Yvel at 108, Nog is fighting Cain at 110. Therefore Carwin/Mir makes perfect sense. Not a business decision just a scheduling decision. 5 of the 6 fighters could be fighting for the interim belt in theory, all IMO are worthy of the shot and this setup in the next 4 PPV's helps sort out some of the HWs.

Xerxes 12-16-2009 05:57 AM

Let's not forget that JDS and Nog wont fight, no way.

So as long as Nog is in the title picture (which he is), JDS can't be included in it.

_RIVAL_ 12-16-2009 07:20 AM

Shanes got some heavy hands and tight compact punches.

Mirs boxing is impressive, but He should only engage until he can take Carwin down here.

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