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Dmac 01-03-2007 02:43 PM

UFC 66 Fighter Pay Info
UFC 66 Fighter Pay Info

The following are the REPORTED official pay outs to fighters who competed on the December 30th UFC 66 "Liddell vs. Ortiz 2" show. Remember that in the case of main eventers, fighters receive undisclosed percentages of the PPV revenue. In the case of any fighter, they could have received any number of special bonuses UFC gives out that wouldn't be mentioned here.

- Chuck Liddell ($250,000) def. Tito Ortiz ($210,000)

- Andrei Arlovski ($145,000) def. Marcio Cruz ($5,000)

- Michael Bisping ($24,000) def. Eric Schafer ($4,000)

- Keith Jardine ($14,000) def. Forrest Griffin ($16,000)

- Jason MacDonald ($10,000) def. Chris Leben ($7,000)

- Thiago Alves ($22,000) def. Tony DeSouza ($7,000)

- Gabriel Gonzaga ($18,000) def. Carmelo Marrero ($5,000)

- Yushin Okami ($16,000) def. Rory Singer ($5,000)

- Christian Wellisch ($6,000) def. Anthony Perosh ($3,000)

Total disclosed: $767,000

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bombthreat23 01-03-2007 03:29 PM

AMAZED the $ is still so small. WOW.

speedythief 01-03-2007 03:49 PM

^ Yeah, shows how much these guys rely on endorsements and sponsors.

In a way it is good, though. We've seen boxers get complacent with big payoffs and they stop training the way they used to and lose their hunger. UFC is keeping their fighters from getting bloated.

Beeno 01-03-2007 03:49 PM

FYI I believe that's the highest salary payout in a single PPV for the UFC isn't it?

LOL @ Cruz for getting screwed.

Looks like 250k is the top contracted salary for any fighter. I've never seen higher than that.

Oh except for the BS Royce Gracie return where he got 400k and Hughes got 125 or 150. UFC's pay only goes up for the Gracies????

Choke_Wire 01-03-2007 03:52 PM


i guess people who where just getting into mma at that time just knew of the little 170 guy who was able to make guys who where 250 pounds tap. People will pay money to see that

Beeno 01-03-2007 04:03 PM

I see what you mean Choke, but honestly, do you really think any of them thought he had a chance? It's cuz the Gracie's started it, probably said "We'll do a fight with Hughes for X Dollars" and it was probably a lot higher, and got negotiated to that.

That's not really a point on this issue so my bad for diverting. Back to the topic, money isn't bad, just is for the guys who've only fought a handful of times in the UFC. Kinda sad that Rory Singer and Marcio Cruz lose and get the same loot when Cruz fought a "higher up" person that Singer did :)

RUEVL? 01-03-2007 04:05 PM

I just posted in a different thread yesterday about fighter salaries.

people talk about how boxing pays so much more than MMA, but the only boxers on a fight card making bank are the main event guys.

Those undercard boxing guys aren't making much more than the undercard MMA guys.

It's sad even to think it, but the guys that are getting screwed are actually the main event guys.

Chuck, Sylvia, AA, Tito... they should all be getting a million per fight, regardless.

I understand that Zuffa has only been turning a profit for 2 years now after digging out of the big ol' crater the UFC was before then, but sooner or later the payscale will have to go up for the big fights.

The reason it's so low compared to boxing, is because MMA orgs aren't built on the boxing model. If it was, the purses would be higher because the org wouldn't have to pay for every single facet of the entire promotion.

That's why HBO and Showtime are getting into the game. The orgs can spend less to put on the show because the media companies will help foot the bill, while providing a bigger audience base.

Hopefully it will eventually result in bigger paydays for the fighters.

But as it stands... even if it changes some, those entry-level guys and journeyman can continue to expect only making $2000 to $25,000 depending on their record/history/fan-fav just like the boxer no-name/lower level fighters do.

Beeno 01-03-2007 04:24 PM


Chuck, Sylvia, AA, Tito... they should all be getting a million per fight, regardless.
They do. The main event guys get PPV chunks but it's never disclosed. The only one I've ever seen give information on is for Liddell Couture 3 where it was stated that after the PPV bonus Zuffa gave Randy and Liddell both fighters did "well over a million dollars" for those fights. I don't have the link offhand but it was in an older post about salaries.

Look at Chuck's all access... it would have cost him 2 fights to get that Ferrari and probably 6 years of fights for that house if all he ever made is the salary.

And for the little guys, they have a shot at 10k for the Tapout KO or Submission of the night.

jamlena 01-03-2007 04:42 PM

What I hate the most is the structure of the pay-outs, how can you pay a winner of a fight less than the loser, I don't care if your name is Gracie or not. Jardine beat Griffin and Jardine made 2000 less, Hughes beat Gracie and made less than 1/2, that's just wrong...period

Beeno 01-03-2007 04:54 PM

I think it has to do with fights as they are on the contract. Somewhere is the link to how TUF fighters contracts go.

Like Griffins first fight was 10k, second fight 14k, third fight 16k, or whatever numbers and on an on. So if for some freakish reason he fought chuck at fight 3, he'd still only make 16K.

Does that make sense? I don't think the salaries are on a per fight basis, I think it goes along with whatever their contract states for that specific fight (most UFC fighters are not on fight-to-fight contracts.) If the fight is really good they make up for it elsewhere. Arlovski's fight was way up there because he is probably still under teh same contract renewal when he was champ, get me?

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