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Organik 01-08-2007 05:07 PM

Ten Best – The Top UFC Knockouts of 2006
**Copied From UFC.Com**

The knockout. There’s nothing like it in the world of sports, and nowhere will you see more emphatic fight-enders than in mixed martial arts. In 2006, the UFC saw more than its share of explosive finishes, but which was the top knockout of the year? Read on to find out…

10 (tie) - Melvin Guillard KO1 (1:37) Rick Davis – May 27 – UFC 60
Call it a coward’s way out, but I just couldn’t bear to eliminate two of these final three knockouts from the list, hence a three-way tie for the number ten slot. In this UFC 60 bout, Guillard entered the bout with a chip on his shoulder as he didn’t feel Davis was on his level.

“I don’t care for him because he’s in there to hurt me, and I’m there to do my job,” said Guillard of Davis, who was making his Octagon debut. “Technically, he’s not a UFC fighter and he’s not going to be inducted into the UFC on my account…It ain’t about to happen.”

It didn’t. ‘The Young Assassin’ came out throwing bombs and Davis just couldn’t cope with the speed and power of the New Orleans native. A single right hand put Davis down face-first, and when you go down like that, it’s game over and instantly worthy of a spot on the year’s best KOs list.

10 (tie) - Alan Belcher KO3 (2:45) Jorge Santiago – December 13 – UFC Fight Night
With each fight, middleweight prospect Belcher is making appearances on the UFC highlight reels a habit. First it was his front flip with Yushin Okami on his back in his debut Octagon loss; in December, ‘The Talent’ created another image for posterity with a perfectly timed right kick (which came after some setup leg kicks) to the head of Jorge Santiago which sent the Brazilian crashing to defeat in the second round.

10 (tie) - Keith Jardine TKO1 (4:41) Forrest Griffin – December 30 – UFC 66
It’s an amazing attribute to possess, but sometimes fighters can see things in the Octagon that fans and media just don’t pick up until afterwards, when you say ‘a-ha, there it goes.’ When it comes to Keith Jardine, he noticed that every time Forrest Griffin waded into battle in their UFC 66 bout that the Georgia native would put his head down, making him susceptible to an uppercut. And in the final minute of the first round, Jardine capitalized, stunning Griffin with a right uppercut, following up with a left and then emptying his gun as his foe fell to the mat. The end came moments later, and Jardine had pulled off the upset and cemented his spot among the UFC’s best at 205 pounds.

9 - Diego Sanchez KO1 (1:45) Joe Riggs – December 13 – UFC Fight Night

No one ever questioned Diego Sanchez’ endless cardio or quality ground game since his debut in the UFC. But whether he could stand and trade with a heavy handed Joe Riggs was another story. Yet the work Sanchez has been putting in - not only with Greg Jackson, but with Rob Garcia and former Olympian Francisco Bojado - obviously paid off, as he faked a left and came across with a picture perfect right that dropped Riggs to the mat in their December bout. ‘Diesel’ would rise quickly, too quickly actually, as he then walked into a knee to the jaw that ended his night at the hands of the unbeaten Sanchez, who continues to improve with each victory.

8 - Duane Ludwig KO1 (0:11) Jonathan Goulet – January 16 – UFC Fight Night

Not much to write about this one other than ‘Wow’. What was shaping up to be an interesting fight instead wound up being one of the quickest KOs in UFC history as ‘Bang’ Ludwig exploded with a right hand to the jaw of Canada’s Goulet and put out the lights in spectacular fashion.

7 - Joe Lauzon KO1 (0:48) Jens Pulver – September 23 – UFC 63
Without question the upset of the year, unheralded newcomer Joe Lauzon ruined the UFC return of Jens Pulver with a 48 second KO that began with a jarring knee and ended with a left hook on the jaw. With the win, Lauzon established himself as a fighter to watch at 155 pounds, and the gracious Pulver also ended up on his feet as he was tabbed to be one of the coaches on season five of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ reality show alongside old rival BJ Penn. Don’t ya love a happy ending?

6 - Anderson Silva KO1 (0:49) Chris Leben – June 28 – UFC Fight Night
The best part of this 49 second destruction of the rock-chinned Leben by Silva was watching the reaction of fans who had never seen ‘The Spider’ fight before and seeing their faces seemingly say ‘where did this guy come from?’ With speed, accuracy, and nimble footwork rarely seen together in one package, the Brazilian standout announced his arrival to the Octagon loudly and emphatically, but no one had any idea what was coming less than four months later.

5 - Chuck Liddell KO2 (1:28) Randy Couture – February 4 – UFC 57
You know it’s been a big knockout year when the UFC’s biggest superstar scores a one-punch knockout over a legend who subsequently retires after the bout. But that was the case in 2006, and while Liddell’s retirement-inducing right hand KO of Couture was stirring in execution, I think you’ll agree that the four KOs ahead of it are worthy of their placement.

4 - Georges St. Pierre TKO2 (1:25) Matt Hughes – November 18 – UFC 65
When longtime welterweight champion Matt Hughes snatched victory from the jaws of defeat against the last man to beat him, BJ Penn, you wouldn’t have faulted him for feeling invincible, especially when facing a fighter he had already defeated two years earlier. But this was a different Georges St. Pierre – not only talented, but focused and mentally unbreakable. GSP dominated Hughes from the opening bell, and while some weren’t surprised that he won, the fact that he landed a vicious head kick and finished Hughes off on the ground sent shockwaves through the MMA world.

3 - Tim Sylvia TKO1 (2:43) Andrei Arlovski – April 15 – UFC 59
Of course, everyone now says that they knew Andrei Arlovski was flawed and wouldn’t have a long reign as UFC heavyweight champion. Let me fill you in on something – you weren’t saying that on April 14. But on April 15th, Tim Sylvia beat the seemingly unbeatable ‘Pitbull’ at his own game by landing a vicious uppercut and finishing the soon to be ex-champion on the ground. And he rose from the canvas to do so. Say what you want about the current heavyweight boss, but he’s 6-8, hits like a mule, has a solid beard, and he finds a way to win. You have to respect that.

2 - Scott Smith TKO2 (3:25) Pete Sell – November 11 – TUF4 Finale
For aesthetic value, this unbelievable knockout would win every time. Smith and Sell became friends on the fourth season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ reality show, but they fought like enemies in their November bout as they traded power shots for over eight minutes. But in the second round, Sell looked like he had pulled ahead when he nailed his opponent with a body shot that doubled Smith over in pain as he backpedaled to the fence.

“I got drilled,” said Smith. “I knew I only had one punch left in me.”

That was all he needed. Sell ran in recklessly to land the finisher, and Smith caught him with a perfect right hand to the jaw, and just like that, the tables had turned and seconds later, Smith had the TKO victory. It was straight out of a Hollywood script, and one of those endings you truly have to see to believe.

1 - Anderson Silva TKO1 (2:59) Rich Franklin – October 14 – UFC 64
Sure, Anderson Silva looked great in stopping Chris Leben in one round, but this was Rich Franklin, the UFC middleweight champion and a guy who was coming off a five round near shutout of dangerous David Loiseau in a fight where he battled a number of serious injuries. There would be no first round KO here, right?

Wrong. From the moment Silva got Franklin in his vice-like clinch, you could see ‘Ace’s title slipping away, and soon ‘The Spider’ started ripping knee after knee into Franklin’s body, setting him up for a shot to the head which visibly broke the champion’s nose, all to the oohs and aahs of a stunned Mandalay Bay crowd. The ending, at 2:59 of the first round, was brutal, emphatic, and left no doubt as to who the better man was that night in the Octagon. Silva’s ascension to the throne sent a message to the rest of the 185-pound world – challenge me at your own peril.

Honorable Mention

Brandon Vera KO1 (1:25) Justin Eilers – February 4 – UFC 57 (YouTube - Brandon Vera VS Justin Eilers)
Matt Hughes TKO1 (4:39) Royce Gracie – May 27 – UFC 60
Spencer Fisher TKO2 (1:43) Matt Wiman – May 27 – UFC 60
Chris Leben KO2 (0:35) Jorge Santiago – August 17 – UFC Fight Night
Matt Hughes TKO3 (3:53) BJ Penn – September 23 – UFC 63
Rashad Evans KO2 (2:22) Jason Lambert – September 23 – UFC 63
Melvin Guillard TKO2 (1:01) Gabe Ruediger – September 23 – UFC 63
Brandon Vera TKO1 (1:09) Frank Mir – November 18 – UFC 65
Drew McFedries TKO1 (4:07) Alessio Sakara – November 18 – UFC 65
Luigi Fioravanti TKO1 (4:44) Dave Menne – December 13 – UFC Fight Night
Chuck Liddell TKO 3 (3:59) Tito Ortiz – December 30 – UFC 66

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Organik 01-08-2007 05:09 PM



Slamnbam88 01-08-2007 05:36 PM

vera should be on that list at least once...maybe even 2x

Crocopride 01-08-2007 06:12 PM

Scott Smith TKO2 (3:25) Pete Sell – November 11 – TUF4 Finale

good choice for number 2

Robb2140 01-08-2007 06:29 PM

Great List I 90% agree with you,

instead of Chuck>Randy I would through in Chuck>Babalu.

Only for the fact that Randy slipped, and that Babalu was so out of it from that shin to the face, he pulled gaurd on Big John.

Thats just my oppinion

DrVanNostrand 01-08-2007 07:59 PM

ditto on #2 being smith vs sell...that was an amazing fight/ending...

Kharney19 01-08-2007 09:43 PM

Melvin Guillard TKO2 (1:01) Gabe Ruediger – September 23 – UFC 63

This fight might make my top ten. That dude still can't breathe!

Organik 01-08-2007 11:22 PM

these arn't my picks..

that was copied off of UFC's website

SuzukS 01-09-2007 01:25 AM

They were good choices, Silva brutalised Rich's nose. Great win for Silva.

Organik 01-09-2007 07:32 AM

i think they based this list on the importance of a fight...

cause if Vera vs Eilers was a title fight there is no reason it shouldnt be #1...

this should be based upon the KnockOut not importance of the fight..

shit i dont even think chuck & tito II should have made Honerable Mention..

what u think>?

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