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Pound For Pound: Melvin Guillard

Pound For Pound: Melvin Guillard

'Young Assassin' says he's grown up and is ready to make title run.

Melvin Guillard knows you might not like him. Truth is, he doesnít really care.

At this stage in his nine-year MMA career the 27-year-old Louisiana native just asks that you donít judge him for the mistakes of his past. Whether that be testing positive for cocaine after a loss to Joe Stevenson in April, 2007, losing back-to-back fights and getting cut from the UFC that same year or maybe just coming across as overly cocky during his time a contestant on season two of ďThe Ultimate Fighter,Ē Guillard says heís over all that now.

Smack in the middle of the greatest stretch of his professional life Ė heís won seven of eight fights dating back to 2008 and just trumped top contender Evan Dunham in January Ė Guillard says heís grown up. Moving his training camp to Albuquerque to work with legendary coach Greg Jackson has put him on the fast track not only to contender status, but also maturity, he says. These days Guillard makes it clear tht heís ready for great things and if he picks up a few fans along the road to an eventual title shot, so be it.

CraveOnline caught up with Guillard during his four-day appearance at bike week in Daytona Beach, Florida last week to talk about where ďThe Young AssassinĒ sees himself fitting into the stack and turbulent UFC lightweight division.

(Ed. Note: This interview was conducted just days before the UFC announced that Guillard will next take on former WEC lightweight Shane Roller at UFC 132.)

Chad Dundas: Letís just talk about the way things are going in the UFC right now. Youíve won four straight and I think seven of your last eight. I have to imagine youíre pretty happy with where youíre at right now.

Melvin Guillard: Yeah. Iíve just been working hard and staying focused, pretty much. I donít know what they have for me next, whether itís going to be a title fight or someone else. I was hoping to fight George Sotiropoulos, but he lost to Dennis Siver (at UFC 127), you know? I already beat Dennis Siver, so I donít know where we sit as far that goes.

CraveOnline: Itís getting kind of crazy at lightweight right now.

Melvin Guillard: Itís real crazy.

CraveOnline: If Anthony Pettis beats Clay (Guida), I donít even know if theyíll still give him that shot at the title they promised him.

Melvin Guillard: Yeah, I know. The way itís looking it doesnít really sound like they want to give him the shot like they said they would. I donít know and in truth I donít put too much (thought) into it. I just stay ready to fight. When they call me and say, hey youíre fighting so-and-so, Iíll just be ready.

CraveOnline: What do you think the biggest difference is for you, thatís allowed you to have so much success over the last couple of years as compared to, say, 2007 when you lost two straight?

Melvin Guillard: Being with Greg Jacksonís camp, just being around those guys. Theyíre definitely a good influence on my life, not just in the cage but away from the cage too. I think being around positive people over the last two years has really helped me a lot.

CraveOnline: Tell me about Greg. What does he do that makes him so successful with so many different guys and so many different kinds of fighters?

Melvin Guillard: I just think itís his personality, man, his attitude. He has the brightest personality. Heís never mad. Even on his bad days, youíd never know. He makes you feel confident in yourself to go in and do a job and one thatís a pretty hard job. He gives you so much confidence that itís kind of unreal sometimes. For me, thatís been the biggest thing. In the past, I would be really antsy or really nervous (headed into a fight) and I would get caught in a crazy submission or something.

Since Iíve been with Greg, even when I get put in a bad situation in the cage Iím just as calm as possible. Iím so calm, itís like not even cool how calm I am, and I think thatís where my success is coming from. When I enter a fight Iím confident enough to think Iím going to win. I tell everybody that I think Iím the best 155-pounder in the UFC and Iím confident enough to say that now. Before, I probably wouldnít have been able to say that. Now Iím overly confident to say Iím the best in the UFC.

CraveOnline: Talk about some of the criticism, though. Does it bother you to hear Dana White call Jacksonís guys ďsafety firstĒ fighters and stuff like that?

Melvin Guillard: If you really look at how this year started out so far Ė and Iím one of them right now Ė weíre still winning all the bonuses. If you look at the percentages of which gym takes the most bonuses, weíre that gym. Obviously, we must be doing something right because the UFCís not just going to give bonuses away to boring fighters. A lot of people criticized me after the Jeremy Stevens fight but what people donít understand is that you have to have a game plan to fight certain people. Sometimes your game plan might not work out the way you want it to, but at this stage in the game what matters is getting the W.

A lot of people criticized the way I fought Jeremy Stevens, but then he turned around and knocked Marcus Davis out and then Marcus got cut. Had that been me, I could have been right there with him, I couldíve gotten cut too. I like Marcus, heís a good friend of mine but seeing that fight happen, it shut a lot of critics up as far as questioning me about why I fought Jeremy the way I fought him. But it comes with the job. Youíre going to get criticism, youíre going to get people that are gonna ride with you, the people who donít like you and the people who keep jumping back and forth. Thatís just how it works. Look at the last Anderson Silva fight. Everybody was booing him on the way out (to the cage) and then he front kicks Vitor Belfort in the face and now everybodyís cheering for him. Thatís a prime example right there of how wishy-washy some fans are.

CraveOnline: In the Dunham fight, did that go perfectly for you or did anything surprise you about how that went down?

Melvin Guillard: I was definitely surprised that I knocked him out as early as I did. I always go for the finish and just right out of the gate the first right hand that I threw rocked him. I knew he was hurt, so I just stayed on him. I take nothing from Dunham though, heís one of those guys (that) if you give him a chance to get comfortable heíll pick you apart. I think thatís the one thing I did that nobody else has been able to do, I didnít give him a chance to get comfortable.

CraveOnline: Was that the game plan, to try to jump on him early?

Melvin Guillard: No, not really. It was really just to go in there, stick and move and keep from getting taken down. To hit him early, it just happened. Luckily, I kept hitting him and kept landing, so then I thought, ĎShit, Iím doing good business here.í It worked out pretty good for me.

CraveOnline: Obviously, Iím sure you trained to keep the fight on the feet, but were you surprised that he wasnít able to put it on the ground more than he did?

Melvin Guillard: He was kind of out on his feet a little bit. When he grabbed me with a single leg, he had it, but it wasnít tight. The more I moved my leg and kept hitting him the looser it got. He never really had me fully except that one time he put me on the ground. (That time) he had me pretty tight for a minute, but Ö I tried to pick my shots and when I was ready to get up, I was able to do it. Honestly, that whole fight was surprising to me. In the end I was like, either Iíve gotten that much better or I just got lucky tonight. Thatís kind of how I feeling, you know?

CraveOnline: Itís such a stacked division at 155, if you take the title out of the equation is there anybody youíd really like to fight?

Melvin Guillard: Well, Iíd like to fight Pettis. Iíd like to fight guys like Ben Henderson. I want to fight the guys at the top of the heap. For a long time I fought a lot of guys who were like newcomers or guys who werenít at the top of their game. Now I feel like being one those elite guys, I should be fighting other elite guys. Itís all fair for the fans, as well. If Iím an elite guy and Iím fighting No. 15 or No. 16 guys and Iím going in there and destroying them, the fans are going to get to the point where they think I should be fighting better competition. Once again, thatís where the criticism comes in. So I just want to fight top competition. I thought Sotiropolous was definitely one of the top contenders and then Siver destroyed him in his own hometown. It doesnít get any better than that Ė to fight in your own country, your own backyard Ė and, I mean, he got outclassed.

CraveOnline: Since youíve been in the UFC for so long, is it frustrating to see a guy like maybe a Pettis, Sotiropoulos or Henderson who come along after you and then start getting all the press?

Melvin Guillard: No, it doesnít bother me, man. A lot of stuff bothered me early in my career when Ė at least in my mind Ė I thought I deserved it. Looking back on my career and all the trouble I got into, all the bullets that I dodged, it is what it is. I donít hate on any fighter. Anybody thatís getting press, whether itís good press or bad press, it means youíre doing something right. For a long time I was wrapped-up in the bad press and people doubting me. For me, even in high school and growing up, that was always my drive was people telling me I wasnít going to be something or I was just a loser who was going to end up back on drugs. I think for me that just plays over and over in my head. Now, I just feel like Iím going to rise above all of this, thatís why I said being around Jackson and (coach Mike) Winklejohn and (judo coach) Dr. Ron Tripp, you canít help but carry yourself as a honorable man.
http://www.craveonline.com/sports/ar...uillard-126323 guillards a good guy since the change to jacksons

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Quite a good interview. Melvins always had the tools to be elite he just wasn't strong mentally and had horrible gameplans.

People can criticize Jackson all they want but he makes fighters more confident with his "never be negative about anything" attitude, and has world-class trainers and fighters around so one cannot help but become better.

Him and Pettis would be a pretty sick matchup imho.
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i like greg jackson he is such a good coach and since his movement to jacksons melvin has become one of my fav lws but i like a lot of lws, i think melvin is probably top 6 right now

Jim Norton
Nick Dipaolo
Dave Attell
Dave Chappelle
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Joey Diaz
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i've always been a guillard fan, he's an exciting fighter, and very powerful for a light weight. but as he said he made a lot of mistakes, we we all know he seemed mentally weak. jackson fixing that and hopefully his ground game will make him into an awesome fighter, I see him as champ someday or at least top 5.

side note
(judo coach) Dr. Ron Tripp,
that's a name well suited to a judo coach

fighters I like
145 Jose Aldo
155 Melvin Guillard
170 Carlos Condit
185 Anderson Silva
205 Jon Jones/Machida
265 Alistair Overeem/Frank Mir
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Guillard will rise....
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I really enjoy watching Guillard fight and believe he has always had the talent and most importantly incredible athleticism required to the champ at 155.
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Guillard could possibly be fighting for the belt in 2012. Hell, if it wasn't for the WEC merge and the Edgar/Maynard draw I'd of said late 2011. If and when he gets past Roller he needs to fight two solid top 5's. He deserves a big step up in competition if he wins at 132.

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