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rdlviper 07-10-2006 11:20 AM


UFC 62 Discussion of the Chuck Liddell vs Renato Sobral bout.

Because of the high-level of attention this one-fight will be receiving, I decided we could have a separate sticky "OFFICIAL" thread for this one fight.

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Discuss away!

Ex-Battousai 07-10-2006 01:26 PM

The iceman all the way if he keeps it standing its a definate victory and definately a good beating.:thumbsup:

UFCFAN33 07-10-2006 01:59 PM

Ill will deff pick the iceman too. I can see this fight bein like the liddel horn fight. UNless babalu changed his game plan and wants to come out swinning, which i doubt he will. But either way hopefully this is a good match.. GO CHUCK

CopperShark 07-10-2006 01:59 PM

Chuck Liddell by a landslide. I don't care where the fight goes. Whether it goes the distance, or to the ground, or standing. Chuck Liddell wins. I promise. Probably in the second round, due to KO.

Octagon Girl 07-10-2006 03:37 PM

Poor Babalu...just doesn't seem fair. Maybe Chuck'll kick him in the head again lol. :laugh:

T.B. 07-10-2006 05:11 PM

I don't know. Everyone knows how fighters evolve over time. Granted, Liddell is a BEAST in the stand up game, and yeah - one shot will put you to bed. But, Babalu is on a 10-fight win streak, 10 fights - that a lot in a row to win guys...and not to mention, he is a snake on the ground, with GREAT submissions. So this bad boy could go either way to tell you the truth. Should be interesting.

cro.cop123 07-10-2006 11:00 PM

I can't wait for this one! Babalu has been on a tear lately and has looked really good. Chuck is going to cause a lot of trouble for him though. If Randy could not get Chuck down and keep him down in their last two fights, I don't see Babalu doing it either. That is going to lead to a tko win for Liddell.

Cbingham 07-11-2006 01:25 PM

Alot of you dont give Babalu the respect he deserves, he has very dangerous standup he has a great submission game and he is always well conditioned, if Chuck doesnt come prepared it could be a very bad night for him.

jdun11 07-11-2006 03:21 PM

i dont see this fight going much different thatn the 1st one...but i hop e chuck isnt lookin ahead to wandy, cuz thats a mistake..babalu is too good to look past..if chuck got his head on strait he 'll win by tko in the 3rd round

teampunishment 07-11-2006 04:36 PM

Babalu is one of the few who I hope won't be scared to take him down. This is the match i wanted to see and have been screaming for - Babalu all the way baby :)

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