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RWGreen 05-03-2007 03:55 PM

Making the Weight
Pardon my ignorance, but isn't calling these guys 155 pound fighters kind of a joke? In the last show, Wang looked to be a legit 155. Melendez, on the other hand, dropped a ton of water weight for the weigh-in, and said he expected to be 20 POUNDS HEAVIER for the fight! All they showed after that was him stuffing his face and drinking from a gallon jug of some juice or sports drink.

Once again, I don't come from a competetive boxing or wrestling background, so maybe this is part of the culture. I have done some endurance-type sports though, like triathlons, and water weight isn't real weight in the sense that bone, muscle, and fat are. How is it fair to have a guy that is naturally 155 pounds fighting a guy that is naturally 175 pounds? It seems to me that they should have to weigh in a lot closer to the fight.

harr3929 05-03-2007 05:40 PM

Well they weigh in the day before. Most of the time the guys are so exhausted that they need the day to regain energy and strength. Though it would make the fight time weights a lot closer if they weighed in an hour or two before the fight like I used to have to do when I wrestled in high school.

HowWePlay_77 05-04-2007 02:43 AM

This all just part of the game. Trying to be the biggest you can be in your weight class. Be big, lose the water weight for one day, then go back up to your heavier weight.

When one person does this, another person does this just to keep up with size. Most people are a lot heavier than the weight classes they fight in because their "normal" weight class is filled with bigger guys.

sirdilznik 05-04-2007 03:27 AM

This has been part of combat sports (not just MMA, but boxing, wrestling, etc...) for ages. The only division you generally don't see this in is heavyweight, since it generally doesn't matter (except for the few that need to make 265). I agree it's kind of silly, but that's how it is. There has been talk aboutgoing with weigh ins right before the fight so that the fight you weigh in at is the weight you fight at. All that would do basically is move almost everyone up a division or two. :dunno:

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