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kantowrestler 09-15-2013 04:07 AM

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 18 episodes 1 and 2 in review
Something I didn't get around to:

With the Olympic vote being a big issue last week, I didnít get around to writing a review about the first episode of this season of TUF. With the second episode already aired, I decided to go over both episodes in one article. With that here we go:

TUF Episode 1 ~ History in the making

The first episode certainly opened with some drama, as Meisha Tate walked into the UFC Training Center to meet Ronda Rousey, and with a recent dispute having taken place between Dana White and Ronda, she believed she was being removed from the show. After the confusion was cleared up, the preliminary fighters walked in and got the normal speech from Dana about what they should be doing in the house.

We saw some moving stories coming from the various fighters, right before we saw their hopes and dreams either further progressed or smashed in the Octagon. This included favorites Tonya Evinger, Tara LaRosa, and Colleen Schneider being eliminated and not making it into the TUF house.

Notable people who made it into the house were MMA vets Shayna Baszler, Roxanne Modafferi and former boxer turned MMA fighter Jessica Rakoczy. After the fighters won their matches, Rousey and Tate spent time to confer with their coaching staffs to talk about who to pick for which team.

The girls were picked first but before that Dana flipped the coin leading to Ronda choosing her first match rather then the first pick. With that, Tate chose training partner Julianna Pena while Rousey chose Baszler AKA ďThe Queen of Spades.Ē The picks proceeded and Modafferi was surprisingly the last pick for Team Tate and Rakoczy was the last overall pick. Ronda then chose Tateís first round pick Pena against Baszler.

TUF Episode 2 ~ Ladies first

After everyone moved into the house, Team Tateís Chris Holdsworth started thinking about all the sexual possibilities with all the women in the house, however the women would have none of it. During Team Tateís training session, Louis Fisette was informed he was injured and couldnít continue and was subsequently replaced by Tim Gorman who lost in his elimination fight.

Rousey also made an effort to get under Tateís skin when she barged into the Training Center exactly as 6pm to kick Team Tate out. Finally the fight came and after a weird weigh in where Baszler stuck a queen of spades card in Penaís bra, Pena pulled off an upset by enduring Baszlerís assault in the first round then coming back and submitting her in the second round. Rousey felt the burden of Baszlerís loss and turned it into rage by telling Tate that she would destroy her once again.

Next week we get to see a shouting match between the coaching staffs and the first menís bout. Please leave a comment.

js9234 09-16-2013 08:54 AM

I was impressed by Pena. I thought she looked scared before the bell rang and was gonna get ran through. She's a brawler. Kept her composure and went after her. Rousey is F*****g annoying and a B***H. I was pretty much neutral on her until the show. Maybe she's just real emotional and that's how she deals with it but it's still annoying and immature.

Term 09-16-2013 12:58 PM

The more I see of Rousey the more annoying I find her. Complaining because Meisha was smiling after her fighter won. That was just stupid.

kantowrestler 09-17-2013 12:27 AM

I think the issue is that she is super sensitive and reads too much into it. Not to mention she takes things way too personally. Now that probably comes across as annoying but I see a different side to it.

K-R Blitz 09-17-2013 12:59 AM

Not to be picky but it was Gorman replaced by Fissette not the other way around.

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kantowrestler 09-17-2013 09:32 PM

My bad, I made an error. I'm still learning remember.

js9234 09-19-2013 12:18 PM

Yep, I really can't stand Rousey. I feel bad for Carraway. She's just trying to start a fight with him. I wish he would knock her damn teeth out. He stayed pretty calm though. Rousey's trainer is just as stupid and annoying as her. Rousey is right there with the Diaz's in terms of douchebag personality if not worse.

HellRazor 09-19-2013 03:09 PM

The thing I can say for sure is that Tate is winning fans, and Rousey is losing them. Rousey alpha act is fine when you're winning, but everybody looks seeing the bully get punched in the face.

Baszler and Pena were perfect avatars for Rousey and Tate. Baszler is a specimen, and Pena look like a frightened teenaged amateur fighting out of her weight class.

Then the fight started.

And honestly, I think a lot of the reason Baszler lost that fight was because she couldn't get past Pena not being afraid of her. She walked into the Octagon convinced she was a pro fighting an amateur, and then the amateur hit her in the face. Once they started scrambling, Baszler was in plenty of positions to go for subs and opted to just try and retain control. (of course, when you get hit in the face that many times, retaining control on the ground probably seems like a good idea.)

Round 2 was more of same, and then Pena went for choke.

If Team Rousey loses the next fight, this could com out like Team Rashad vs Team Rampage.


Originally Posted by js9234 (Post 2289313)
Rousey is right there with the Diaz's in terms of douchebag personality if not worse.

She's the third Diaz brother. And all three of them are very popular with fight fans. And all three of them are kind of assholes. WHich doesn't mean they wouldn't make great friends, just bad enemies.

kantowrestler 09-20-2013 02:30 AM

Well the next match up is in Team Tate's favor.

Trix 09-20-2013 12:20 PM

I like Rousey.


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