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Originally Posted by Wawaweewa
Dan and his wife both need medication. They are insane, and I'm not exaggerating at all.
If only I could get my ex to take medication. If only it were that easy to make someone un-psycho. I am a christian, but I have experience with people who are 'fanatic' christians. When everything revolves around God and the devil, it just makes me wonder how someone could live like that.
I mean, here's an example of my ex: She gets overcharged on her credit card bill. She freaks out and prays, thinking she's being attacked by the devil. Sometimes she'll get so frustrated she'll crack and say "why do bad things happen to good people." I try to explain "that's life," and she tries to call the freakin devil out of me. Then she'll go on a rant and say "why does God let such horrible things happen to good people," and she actually lists her bill problems with horrible world tragedies.

I don't know Dan's wife, but I'm sure she was not having a panic attack while on the phone with Dan. Her attack was probably far before the call. But she sounded exactly like my ex. I guess this thread is a little off topic, but I just had to point this out because I really feel bad for the guy. I have a lot of respect for the guy, especially after sticking with the show, and not going home to 'save the day.' That's all her call was about, in my opinion.
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I'm pretty sure there was nothing physical about her problem. She's just crazy, to say it bluntly. I'd say you can stick to an ugly chick if she's great in all other ways, but if she's crazy just run away no matter what she looks like. I guess it's not being a good guy dumping someone because she's got problems, but it's not about charity, it's about your life.

That quote by Dan was hilarious. Me and my friends always jokingly say "he's got God on his side" whenever there's a competition where one participant is religious... And then he said it himself, I couldn't stop laughing.
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Yeah, her problem is aaaalllll mental.
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I really have no clue why people like Dan. He's so cocky, like when he went on a rant about the only way he'll lose is if he gets hit by a train, and how he always goes to the bthroom to flex his muscles and to impress HIS self, which isn't just cocky but also borderline retarded. Also did anyone else notice how dan would sneak a punch in right after he and Ben touched gloves, cheaply, and he also wanted to land a cheap punch to Ben when Ben would try and get up off his feet. That guy's such a dick, I wouldn't be surprised if him and his wife set up the whole conversation to get more airtime for Dan, and also for Dan to have sympathy from Dana and the coaches so even if he did lose he'd have an excuse and he'd probably get another chance at UFC because of it.
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Dude, 6 months and he's that nuts over her? I get a call like that in the first 6 months and it's "bye bye baby" forever. If my girl did that now (after 6 years) there would be a serious discussion. Although she wouldn't do that because she is not a nutty, needy psycho.

On the religious discussion, nothing makes me more disgusted that athletes thanking god for their victories, and talking about god helping them in their upcoming competetions.
- If you beleive in a god, do you honestly think his concern is your touchdown prowess, or ability to throw an armbar?

I am calling out his faith, because if you honestly believe that "god is on your side" in any sports competition, then you are not only deluded, but you are insulting everyone else of your faith by cheapening that relationship.

If you don't win, is it because of god as well? With all the messed up things happening in the world, how high does TUF come on the priority list?

ANY athelete who brings god into the discussion of his ATHLETIC COMPETITION is off my list. Being devout is wonderful, but don't pervert your devotion.
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Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU
That's not what I meant though. I understand what you're saying but he didn't say it in that context. He was talking about how he is gonna win the fight because he has God on his side. I dunno, that sounds to me like he is saying since he is a bigger God believer than Ben is, that God will allow him to win. I could be wrong but the context in which he said it in sounds like I could be right. It's not important though.

They made this episode out to be like a David vs Goliath type episode. His faith in God may not have been hanging on by a thread, but the way they edited the episode it sure looked like it could have been. I gotta rememeber that a lot of stuff happens in between those dramatic little parts though.
yeah dude, i agree with a lot of that, i think a) Dan is a little nutz and b) the editing of the show "created" a storyline... but whatever, thats TV for ya
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Originally Posted by HorsepoweR
I think they both had it planned out so they could talk on the phone with eachother becuz they knew they could not make phone calls so they made the plan that she would call there saying that stuff so they could just hear eachothers voices...


plus dan has a big head
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that phone call was so rediculous. it was like a bad twilight zone spoof or something. i was waiting for her to start speaking in tongues...

i like that Barerra seemed to stay focused. i say he deserves that $5k bonus just for tryin to go out and fight like he did in spite of his crazy wife messin with his head.
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Originally Posted by davidm724
I am a christian, but I have experience with people who are 'fanatic' christians. When everything revolves around God and the devil, it just makes me wonder how someone could live like that.
Those are the ones that give the rest of us a bad name. I guess there are crazy people in every walk of life, but it seems that the ones that turn to religion are the worst of the lot.
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Just another crazy-ex story I have to share... Our honeymoon was a missions trip in Jamaica. She got stung by a jellyfish. She freaked out, and it looked like she was drowning in 4 ft of water. She got stung on the leg and had a little mark on the back of one leg. She made me carry her, bawling all the way back to the hotel. That was like a mile of carrying her screaming in my ear, and it ended with stairs. Needless to say, I was ready for a break when we got to the hotel. She grabbed me and desperately pleaded to me to pray for her. Then she acted as if she were possessed by the devil. I'm not saying she was writhing around in pain. She was acting like the chick on The Exorcist. Then the other missions guys came to see if she was alright. Keep in mind we are in Jamaica for religious reasons, and we were all pretty devout christians. The other guys, and some girls left the room thinking she's freakin nuts. They couldn't listen to her. I felt like I had to be the good husband and stay by her side, and I did. For hours. She went from screaming bloody murder and cursing God, to lying completely still, straight as a board, looking like she's comatose. Except, she had her eyes and mouth open. She actually looked dead. Anyway, it was that moment, two weeks after getting married, that I realized she's freakin psycho.
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