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Love Hisae
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Originally Posted by Pyros View Post
Professional athletes are supossed to behave like jackasses? Yeah, great theory man, makes sense .

Edit: And if you think that Jesse could lay a finger on Lyoto you are on crack.
Couldn't have said it better myself

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Who cares about this jesse guy? His style sucked, he wouldnt have a chance in the real octagon. Whaaaaa,Whaaaa, I cant handle my alcohol so im gonna cry whaaaaa whaaaaa
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Originally Posted by billyman View Post
First off, I love UFC fights. I can't help it.

But, if anybody has any doubt as to whether the Jesse Taylor "firing" was a pure Dana White stitch up, they probably also think that WWE events are less real than De La Hoya events.

The UFC couldn't give a flying f*ck about the conduct of their "stars" at this point: MMA is huge, the UFC is sponsored by Bud Light - even "The Donald" is involved. MMA is now a bona fide money-maker and the number one criteria for a fighter's success is marketability. Jesse Taylor is a young guy who got drunk, kicked in a window, and yelled at some hotel staff (in sleepy Las Vegas no less). Big deal. He is, as he said, "a UFC fighter." For all of you who can't handle the fact that the spectrum of prize fighters has an abundance of confused meatheads, I dunno... buy Matt Hughes stupid book.

The sad truth is Jesse Taylor is a super-human athlete - to his detriment. He has a winning formula, and he executes it consistently and flawlessly. No matter the discipline of his opponents, he takes them down at will, pins their arms back, and pounds them for the rest of the fight (while they do nothing). Furthermore, have you ever seen a fighter look less tired after a three round fight? He literally could step back into the cage and fight - and win - again (and again, and again...). Take the Taylor vs. Credeur fight, for example, and then Dolloway. vs. Credeur fight. No comparison.

Sadollah and Dollaway are great fighters to be sure, but Taylor would completely dominate either of them in the finale. Unfortunately, it would be a completely boring fight; and, more importantly, the fans would cry. TUF has produced enough bums already (Evans, Bisping, etc.) while the majority of fans want to see hot boyz stand and bang. Imagine if sexy C.B. Dollaway had made the finale and it was him that went off that night. It would have been left to the media to create a free promotional bonanza for White and the Zuffa crew. If anything, the UFC would have gained even more popularity: fight fans love a*sholes.

The bottom line is, well, the bottom line. Sadollah and Dollaway appeal to the following demographics: young guys, young girls, gays, and the masses of casual fight fans who like to see a good bust up. Jesse Taylor appeals to fight-nerds - i.e., people who like to see the best man win. It should be noted that Taylor certainly doesn't lay and pray - he grounds and pounds as good as anyone. Unfortunately, it just isn't exciting. If you were running a business, who would you promote? Is it even a coincidence that both Dollaway and Sadollah have "doll" in their names?

I guess the worst part is (perhaps) that media groups like Sherdog, who seem to pride themselves on being independent, haven't even suggested that this season's TUF finale is bullsh*t. I guess they're afraid that the UFC would go from virtually ignoring them, to completely ignoring them.

Prediction: Taylor won't be calling White in a few months when he gets his head right. White will be calling Taylor when he needs someone to get rid of other pesky boring but successful fighters - like the "work the clock/win by decision" artist, Lyoto Machida
So, according to the OP, Jesse Taylor will be brought in to defeat Lyoto Machida? That's.... Interesting. So you are also saying Jesse Taylor would beat Anderson Silva, Dan Henderson, Rich franklin, etc?

This is so ridiculous it's funny, man. Get off mr. "Pee-in-pants"'s nuts.

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Yeah, I think The Money could be The Dragon.
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Holy shit there are some bizarre theories in this thread. Here's something to think about, Dana White is the boss in the UFC and he is extending a biiig contract offer to the winner of TUF7. Jesse gets a ticket to the ball and pulls that shit? First off f*iK this guy, second he's fired and I am going to offer this extended contract opportunity to someone who isn't a jegoff. And by the way the internet fans are going to say I am doing this because I secretly want Jesse out like I'm the man behind the curtain in the God damn Wizard of Oz.

Seriously, Dana and the UFC don't need the help. They got talent bustling to get in to the UFC right now. Shit, if I was in his shoes I would have told Jesse to hit the f*ckin road son. Then I would yell "Next...Ok you two fight. The winner takes that douchebags spot."

I thought it was way cool to tell him to clean up and call him on TV. Dana knows it would be bad PR to humiliate Jesse like that and not follow through with an opportunity in a few months. If Jesse cleans up he's getting a second chance in a few months, although it isn't near as sweet as the chance he blew. Oh yeah "Terrorizing Women" is code for "Stay the f*ck away from THAT guy!" Seriously, THAT guy will have your ass in a lawsuit somehow someway. Or will have personal shit against himself all the time. That's just how things work out in the world for the most part, not just fighting.
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I like JT, we have the same name.

JT Taylor



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these theories are wacky. Break it down. Dana and Fertitta's cannot have some 'UFC' fighter jeopardize the whole organization or MMA in general. Think about it. If one of these women that was supposedly accosted by JT went to mainstream news or filed a lawsuit..then what? What would the 90% of USA who are uneducated about MMA think? His actions could cause HUGE repercussions for the UFC with the lawsuit being the least. Think about how far MMA and the UFC has come and one incident like this could put a negative vibe/taste in millions of people.

My question is if he was just drunk, kicked out the window and then nothing else happened... would he have gotten kicked off?

The BIGGEST mistake he made was not even his antics that night. When he came into the room with Dana, Dana asked him what happened. He gave him the opportunity to say "Dana, I ****ed up. I did this and that. I am here to apologize and tell you I have quit drinking, and this will not happen again". But no he says oh i got a lil rowdy. DUMBASS. He should have called Dana and explained/apologized asap! Everyone screws up. Its how you handle it and MAN UP that makes all the difference. Or at least lessens the problem.

U think Dana needs this crap after all he has done to improve the image of MMA fighters? He has hundreds of fighters..doubt he would care if this one or that one was the winner or in the Finale. Im sure he doesnt care. These guys are newbies...

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Wait a second. Who said Dana did this to increase Pay Per View viewers?
Wasn't the final on "Free Spike TV"? I know I didn't pay for it.
Of course I would have gladly payed to see Amir armbar the jock again, but I would never have paid to watch Jesse and CB roll around on the ground like two turtles mating (To quote Dana W.)
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Some interesting theories here. I think the notion about Dana using Jesse's rampage-through-Las-Veges incident as an excuse to manipulate a more enjoyable finale is very plausible. I certainly don't blame him if that was his intention. It's like another poster said, Jesse is responsible for his own actions. He messed up, simple as really.

I'd also like to add that i'm not a fan of Jesse's personality OR his fighting style. He doesn't seem like a decent bloke and he isn't versatile. I'm attracted to fighters who fight a certain way. I don't care how dominant a certain style is, it's the WAY a person fights that makes things interesting.

Now, with that said, I don't blame JT for using his style. He clearly works for him, so whatever. It don't mean I have to like him for it.

Take somebody like my boy C.B Dollaway. I'm aware that he isn't the most popular lad on this forum (or anywhere else for that matter) but I absolutely adore him. I love the way he fights and I even kinda like his swagger. JT on the otherhand just seems like a bit of an obnoxious prick.

Strong bloke, though..


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Who ever said CB was sexy? bleah!!

Yeah, I and every woman I know likes guys with a f*cked up lip that makes them look like they just smelled a fart 24/7, a dumb ass expression and a big mouth spouting continual bullshit.

Of course, I don't know any retarded 19-yr-old girls at the moment, so I could be wrong.

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