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Roy Nelson says Kimbo would be a huge threat at 205.

Mitch Ciccarelli: Early in the episode you talked about how you’ve been trying to get a fight with Kimbo for years. Tell us a little bit about why you wanted that fight so badly?

Roy Nelson: When I was fighting in the IFL, I wanted to fight Kimbo because it would have been a good payday. When I got into the house, though, Kimbo was probably the last guy I wanted to fight just off the pure fact that there are three fights [in the competition].

Mitch Ciccarelli: So are you saying that you thought he was one of the strongest fighters on Rampage’s team?

Roy Nelson: I think there are probably two top guys on Rampage’s team and he was one of them.

Mitch Ciccarelli: It seemed like you and the coach’s kind of butted heads somewhat on last night’s episode. Coach Trevor Wittman said that he feels like you want to work your own corner and he called you un-coachable. He even went as far as to say that if you didn’t get your act together he would ask Rampage if they need another guy. What was going through your mind when the coach’s were saying this to you?

Roy Nelson: I was just going, ‘you know what you’re probably right cause I probably will be coaching myself’ and then I actually went into detail about how James McSweeney and Brendan Schaub are basically teammates of Rashad and Trevor Wittman. I told them that I won’t be getting the same coaching that those guys will be getting and they agreed. Then I said ‘ok is that your final answer’ and they were like ‘yep’ so then I’m like ‘ok you guys are some pretty messed up friends cause if you were my friend I’d really want my friend to do better’.

Mitch Ciccarelli: Why were they so upset with you and did you feel like your method of training was better than what they were offering you?

Roy Nelson: I think it was because I was goofing around a bit when we were grappling. I basically would [pretend to] eat a sandwich and drink a beer while I was grappling with some of the other guys. I was pretty relaxed but at the same time being very dominant and I think they took it as disrespect but it’s more of a mindset where if I’m tired I’d rather put my hands somewhere else, make myself more enjoyable.

Also [during a training session] they had us start from our knees and I said ‘I never fight from my knees’ so I kept pulling guard and fighting off my back. They were like ‘why aren’t you fighting at your knees’ and I said ‘have you ever fought on your knees in a real fight?’ and they said ‘no’ and I’m like ‘exactly so why would I?’

Mitch Ciccarelli: How did you feel about how you were portrayed in last night's episode?

Roy Nelson: I think it was just that I’m an old school vet and they are trying to teach an old dog some new tricks. Finally they kind of whipped me a little bit and I kind of bowed down to them and really that’s not what happened it was more the other way around.

Mitch Ciccarelli: What was the best thing about the training on Team Rashad and what was the worst thing?

Roy Nelson: On Team Rashad we have a bunch of guys just pushing each other, you know? In training we would get some good technique when Greg Jackson would come in but overall it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. There was some good stuff with that but as far as the bad stuff they were training us for fights as if we had 12 weeks to prepare for it and you don’t do that when you know you’re fighting next week because that’s when injuries happen.

Mitch Ciccarelli: Back on the first episode, coach Rampage Jackson was giving you some flack and cracking jokes about your physique. Were you a bit surprised that a former Light Heavyweight champion such as Rampage had no idea who you were?

Roy Nelson: I think that was more for TV because I actually know Rampage from two years back when I used to show him some side mount escapes and stuff. As far as the joking around and stuff I think he was just kind of testing the waters to see how far he can push us and it makes for better TV.

Mitch Ciccarelli: What are your thoughts on Rampage recently announcing his retirement from MMA to pursue an acting career?

Roy Nelson: I think he’s the next Tito Ortiz when it comes down to getting more money out of the UFC.

Mitch Ciccarelli: Let’s talk about last night’s fight for a little bit. Rampage picked one of his biggest yet most inexperienced fighters in Wes Shivers up against the No.1 hitman on Team Rashad, James McSweeney. What did you think about this pairing and coming off of a loss was it smart for Rampage to go after the No.1 pick?

Roy Nelson: When we first saw the pick we were like ‘oh my God, what is Rampage thinking’ but then after watching the fight it was actually a lot closer [than I had originally thought it would be]. Maybe Rampage knew something that we didn’t? And I think in that fight Wes Shivers actually lost it for himself.

Mitch Ciccarelli: It was a close fight, would you agree that it should have went to a third round?

Roy Nelson:I believe it could have went to a third round but I think the two rounds were ok just on the pure fact that if you looked into Wes’s eyes [you could tell that] he didn’t want to go to a third round. He would have lost in that third round so I guess the judges kind of helped him out with that one.

Mitch Ciccarelli: There were some moments in the fight where Shivers was just standing there with his hands on his hips completely exhausted. Rashad is screaming for McSweeney to attack but he isn’t engaging. Why didn’t McSweeney pull the trigger?

Roy Nelson: I think he was just dog-tired too and I think he was afraid to get punched. He was just kind of playing it safe in the second round because he already believed he was winning on the scorecards.

Mitch Ciccarelli: Towards the end of the episode they announced the next fight and Rashad picks you against Kimbo in what is being called the most anticipated fight in Ultimate Fighter history. How did this matchup come about, did you ask for it personally or was it something the coach’s decided on their own?

Roy Nelson: It was either the TV producers or the coaches because when the producers approached me about fighting Kimbo, because they came up to all of us and asked us who we’d like to fight, I said I wanted to fight Zak Jensen and they asked why I wanted to fight him and I was like ‘well he got gogoplata’d by Brad Imes and I think I can Boston-Crab him’.

They were like ‘well I think you match-up better with Kimbo’ and I’m like ‘yeah but I want the easy fight, I want three easy fights so I can make it to the finale [unscathed]. That’s the smart approach and it’s what Dana [White] always says, you know you want the least resistance on the road to the finale and that’s what I was trying to go for. Then they were like ‘well we want you to fight Kimbo’ and I said ‘oh so it’s the producers trying to be coaches’.

I guess the only way they wanted Kimbo to lose was to a reputable fighter [like myself] to keep him relevant in the mainstay.

Mitch Ciccarelli: Heading into this fight, how did you think you matched up with Kimbo on paper? Obviously he is known for his straight forward power punching style, because of that do you think it would be easy to counter his telegraphed punches?

Roy Nelson: No I actually think Kimbo is one of the better stand up fighters out there and if he was able to drop down to 205-pounds I think he would be a real threat to the Light Heavyweights in the UFC. As far as the matchup we knew his weakness was wrestlers and jiu-jitsu guys so that’s pretty much what I am, a ground fighter with decent hands.

Mitch Ciccarelli: The biggest flaw Kimbo seems to have is his ground game or lack thereof, with your Brazilian jiu-jitsu credentials was that something you were looking to exploit or did you just want to stand and bang with the street fighting sensation?

Roy Nelson: Well see the thing is your mindset changes on the show as opposed to a regular fight. If I were to fight Kimbo outside in a regular UFC fight [on a pay-per-view] I would probably stand up and bang to give the fans what they want to see but on the show you have to strategize to make sure you take the least punishment to win the fight. It doesn’t matter who you’re fighting, you want to take them down and submit them or pound them out but you always want to take the least amount of damage.

Mitch Ciccarelli: The premier episode drew an incredibly impressive 4.1 million cable rating; do you think your fight with Kimbo next week on episode three will top that?

Roy Nelson: I think next week will probably set a new ratings record on Spike.

Mitch Ciccarelli: Do you think this might be the first ever TUF season where the winner of the show instantly establishes himself as a top ten UFC Heavyweight? I mean one can certainly make the argument that you yourself are very close to the top ten so if you were to win, you would probably become an instant contender. And on the flip side if someone happens to beat you they would become a contender as well, would you agree?

Roy Nelson: Yeah I would agree, it’s very similar to TUF season 4: The Comeback where you are pretty much in UFC title contention right off the bat.

Mitch Ciccarelli: What are your thoughts on Kimbo Slice as a person? Did you get along with him at the house or were you not very fond of him?

Roy Nelson: Kimbo was actually my roommate and he’s a good guy. I helped him out on the MMA business side and he kind of helped me out with the movie side.

Mitch Ciccarelli: Was there anyone in the house that you absolutely could not stand to be around?

Roy Nelson: For the most part all the guys respected me just because I have been around the business for a long time and I’m pretty much a straight shooter and I tell it how it is. There wasn’t anyone in the house that really ruffled my feathers. There’s Wes Sims who is definitely a funny character and he didn’t ruffle my feathers but in the house he was being a bit of a punk.

Mitch Ciccarelli: I recently spoke with both Wes Sims and Mike Wessel from the show and they told me some pretty interesting things about your eating habits, my friend. Sims told me that at one point in the show you went out in the backyard and ate a shrub out of the ground, is there any truth to that or is Sims just completely out of his mind that he is making stuff up?

Roy Nelson: Well Wes Sims is also the guy that will tell you he won’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. I think like Rampage, Wes is trying to do the whole TV career instead of fighting. As for food eating I probably ate the least amount because I always had to watch my weight to make sure I wasn’t over.

Mitch Ciccarelli: Alright Roy well that's all the questions I have for you today. Thanks so much for taking the time out to talk to me today. If there are any sponsors or anyone you would like to thank the floor is yours.

Roy Nelson: I just want to thank all the fans out there first and foremost and if anyone wants anymore information go to

I feel that Roy Nelson basically gave away the ending by saying that they wanted him to lose to a reputable fighter. GG Kimbo your gonna get laid and prayed upon coming next TUF.

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So I'm guessing Kimbo beats Nelson next episode?

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So in return Roy says he's not a force at HW? I guess that says it all.

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Its funny he admitted it was the producers idea to have him face Kimbo and not the coaches.

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Roy Nelson says Kimbo would be a huge threat at 205
no.......he wont

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My god I hate Roy Nelson... i really hope the dude gets beat by Kimbo so it humbles him a bit -.-
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Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post
My god I hate Roy Nelson... i really hope the dude gets beat by Kimbo so it humbles him a bit -.-
I dont like Nelson bc I know he is a cocky bastard. That aside, I like to see him fight. Fat guy beating the big muscular dudes - living proof that technique beats muscles. Word on the street, Kimbo wins his first fight...
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Sounds like kimbo loses, and decides to drop down to LHW.

Maybe he'll beat machida /snark
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I don't understand the hate for Nelson. I hate his laissez faire training attitude but he seems realistic about his ability, he doesn't come off as cocky to me. I think he over rates Kimbo though. One of the top stand up fighters out there? A serious threat at 205? Not a freaking chance.
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Originally Posted by YOURMOMWASHERE View Post
Sounds like kimbo loses, and decides to drop down to LHW.

Maybe he'll beat machida /snark
I truly hope your kidding, he should work on jijutsu for a couple of years..
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