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Liddell67 04-15-2011 06:11 PM

Respect JDS
I posted this earlier on UFC forum.On second thoughts they will probably(correctly) repost it here. In case they don't ...

I liked the way the guy fought before.
Looked hard as nails.

After seeing him on TUF I now really like the guy.
Comes across as a real genuine guy(not trying to play to the camera)

Gone from a guy who respected him as a fighter to a genuine fan.

Lesner- not a fan before,definately not a fan now.He says 'seize the day' 'chicken beep beep'. What about'You have to take a punch...'

Anyway sorry rant over...
But has anyone else become a JDS fan?

BrianRClover 04-19-2011 07:53 AM

Junior has been my favorite HW since his debut in the UFC. I remember seeing a behind the stage (I think Dana White) video blog after that fight and he was just like a big kid with excitement, very much the way he comes across on the show.

He's a great person and a great fighter. So to answer your question, I was already a fan... but the show has definitely made me respect him even more.

As for Brock. Based on the "chicken salad" episode... I think his guys are a little to sensitive. He has a very "military" like training style. Some coaches are like that. Deathclutch obviously, the Militech camp was like that... I assume they still are but you don't hear much about them anymore. Other camps carry more of a traditional martial arts attitude, of peace and calmness... this you see out of Blackhouse, or even Jackson's... there's nothing wrong with either, it just depends on what kind of training you accept better.

I can tell you on a personal level, I would rather have a trainer like Brock, then JDS... even though my fanfare lies elsewhere as far as fighers go.

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