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aaron13pgh 06-20-2012 09:57 PM

(ps3) Showtime Mma Elite (ufc 3 Online Camp)
System: (PS3)

Our camp is looking for the best ufc 3 gamers to join us and DOMINATE Against Other camps from all over the UFC Universe.
We are RECRUITING Active,Competitive,Experienced Fighters.

Search for our camp and send request to join and one of the camp admins will be in contact via psn.

How to join information
Friend Request & Message either of the psn below to join
Psn: Aaron13pgh

aaron13pgh 06-22-2012 07:04 PM

6-22-2012 ps3 ufc 3 online camp recruiting
We are NOW RECRUITING Experienced,Skilled,Fighters to join our camp!

We want Active,Competitive,& Dedicated Fighters.

We currently have 3 skilled fighters and looking to GROW...

We will be a long running camp we are not going anywhere.

About Our Camp:


*Members must be Active in the club or will be BOOTED!Unless they let camp officer know they will be gone for sometime.

All fight camp members can be PROMOTED to CAMP OFFICER!

How to get PROMOTED: Being Active in the camp,doing camp fights,& By Recruiting New Camp Fighters to join us!

We will hold Sparring Sessions,Camp Chat Sessions Weekly

Camp Vs Camp Fights Daily!

To join Showtime Mma Elite (Friend Request & Send message to the below Camp leader & Camp Officers Psn)

Camp Leader:Aaron Psn: Aaron13pgh

Camp Officer:Jake Psn: WWEECW34

Camp Officer: Jjy Psn: JJY19USC

All fighters welcome for tryouts!

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