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post #11 of 23 (permalink) Old 06-05-2007, 09:02 AM
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A better stand up system. Something like that of Fight Night's or the K-1 games. It would be so awesome to be able to rock your opponant and then from there it goes into slow motion and you can pick your spot for a big strike, combo or takedown. I want exciting combinations and different moves for the different fighters. The ground system needs to be very different. The games in the past have been ridiculous. It's either too easy for you or you get submitted with out warning. The K-1 ground system is more realistic but it would be boring for a lot of people. Not many subs with the K-1 system either. An exciting roster is very important. I like on the older games how they include the likes of Bas, Goodridge, Mo Smith, Randleman. They should try to include Royce, maybe Tank? Kimo? I just want a fun game that I can spend a lot of time playing.
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I am expecting more unrealism.

Is it because game developers are so out of touch with the sport?

Is it really that hard to make it more realistic?

I own "Pride FC" and I constantly get frustrated at how little skill is involved!

There are way too many reversals.

Complex grappling moves are performed as easily as mapping your control and pressing a button!

I would suggest that the buttons be mapped different, something along the lines as previous but with differences(I'll use a ps controller for my example).

Keep the l/r hand and l/r leg with the "shape" buttons (shape: meaning triangle, square, circle, box).

Maybe move with L analog stick, and make R stick a sort of balance stick- let me explain, since I think I would be good for the "ground game".

When on the floor, on your back:

-Up on R stick shifts weight as in an attempt to sit up,
-Down on R stick lifts legs off floor (sort of in opposition to "sitting up"
-R3 (pressing in stick) should lift hips up off floor with weight on shoulders and soles of feet.
-Pressing R3 in conjunction with up or down and other buttons (I'll map later, and you can imagine what I am getting at) can create a more realistic scramble for escapes or position shifting.
-left and right on R stick can lean upper body left/right respectively at hips

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post #13 of 23 (permalink) Old 06-08-2007, 12:35 PM
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more controls...


tilting left and right on the control could make your downed player tilt on his respective hips (rolling on side).

As in Pride FC for ps2, I thought the direction control wiggling was pretty decent for getting your mounted player into the guard. Expanding on that idea with the controller tilting (rolling on hips), and weight-shifting with the R analog stick might make for interesting position changes.

If, say, you are caught in a side mount, you can tilt your control to lean on one hip, and mash maybe a direct on your "D" pad to slide your knee between your opponent to get into a half guard position. Continuing to do this can switch you into the full guard position, for example.

If you are the one on top of a side mount, you should be able to shift weight in a similar fashion to maintain your position, or to try to full mount if you wish.

Ideas keep coming into my head about this...seems interesting.
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post #14 of 23 (permalink) Old 06-08-2007, 01:17 PM
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more controls


Here's a new grappling control idea (expanding, still on the ps controller -sorry X Box-ers):

Use L2 and R2 as "grapple" buttons.

L2 could be for the hands, and R2 could be for the feet.

Let's say you have your back on the floor, with your opponent in the guard position. He starts to rain punches on you and your leaning, dodging and blocking is still allowing a few punches through and lowering your stamina, so you decide to clinch (hug) your opponent to catch a breath from the damage you are taking. You can press L2 (our "grapple" button), then the buttons that corresponds to your character's left and right hands to hug. You may even need to press UP on the R stick (remember, that it is for sitting up) to reach your opponent if he is leaning away from your body.

You can stay hugging as long as you are holding the L2 button, unless your opponent starts mashing a button such as the left hand button to push you away with his forearm to your neck/face/ or throat. To remain "clinched" with him, you should have to mash the same button your opponent is, but faster to over-power him and maintain your position (while still holding L2).

When in this position, your can open or close your guard by pressing R2 (pressed=closed, un-pressed=open).

Say you are in the guard with your opponent, and you want to try an armbar from this position. You are holding R2 so he is in a closed guard. You hold down L2 (the "grapple" button) and press UP+LEFT (diagonal left) on D-pad to indicate opponents screen relative right arm is your grapple target, then your left hand button. This puts you in a closed guard with you holding opponents right arm. Next, you let go of R2 (open guard), tilt controller to the right to shift your weight to your right hip (which attempts to swings your left leg in front of your opponent's face), then hold down again R2 to lock your feet together at ankles. Your opponent can mash his right arm button to prevent you from straightening his arm out, or he may hold his L2 button and hand buttons to grab his own hands to prevent you from finishing the armbar. You both may get into a button mashing frenzy at this point: you to try to get him to tap, and him to try not to get submitted. Since he is in the more unfortunate position, he has to mash the button faster, or he might be able to lift you up by shifting his weight back (leaning back) then forward (leaning forward) to attempt to slam you.
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I think I got a little carried away.

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post #16 of 23 (permalink) Old 06-11-2007, 10:44 PM
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Things that I would really want them to focus on:

1. Gameplay. Want the standup and ground game to feel very real and not robust.

2. Training. In career mode there should be minigames you have to compete in to upgrade your MMA discliplines (Muay Thai, BJJ, Wrestling etc.)

3. Career Mode. A nice in depth mode where ya can take a fighter from amateur thru a 20 yr career (start at 20 finish at 40 etc.)
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post #17 of 23 (permalink) Old 06-14-2007, 05:27 PM
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A part of training mode that allows stat upgrade:

"wrestling school" "grappling training", "kickboxing school" or whatever where you can only use that discipline and learn the controls for each.
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I hope 5min rounds actually take 5 mins.

And yes, the ability for a quick finish is important but so is the defense structure. An online 5 min, 5 round war would be fun.

And on that note, I hope the online aspect is complete. I want to create a fighter, beat career mode (like fight night) then be able to take that character online and fight ranked fights or in tournaments
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post #20 of 23 (permalink) Old 06-17-2007, 11:21 AM
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Make the button-mashing to apply/escape submission holds extremely strenuous. Or at least make it an optional selection, eg in the options menu: "escape/apply holds" -> "easy", "medium", or "simulation"

Wouldn't it add to the realism if you tire you arm out button-mashing to sink in a choke?

You could even make a meter gauge to know when you're almost done.

Make some submissions more timing, less mashing (like a triangle choke), and some less timing, more mashing (like a rear naked choke).
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