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Bonnar426 08-10-2013 08:30 PM

Devil May Cry: Old Dante vs. New Dante
The one game that got a lot of hate this year was DMC : Devil May Cry. Their are two reasons for this and that is Vergil and Dante. People hated the fact that the laid back wise cracking half demon was turned into a pissed off foul mouthed Nephalim who drinks and has lots of casual sex. Not only that but people hated his new look. Vergil, who was considered a diamond in the rough in the original series, was now turned into...well...Anakin Skywalker. Right from the very beginning you knew this guy was an asshole.

I didn't like the new Vergil. As I said, they made it way to obvious that he was a bad guy and really wanted to kick the shit out of him. With that said, I do think new Dante had some things going for him. For instance, Old Dante would allow demons to impale him just for the hell of it. Then he would kill them and walk away like nothing had ever happened. Seriously. There are times I felt like he was way too laid back especially for the situation that he was in. Check this shit out...

At least with the new version it felt like Dante took the situation that he was in more seriously. He didn't want to preform Shakespeare with these ****ers he wanted to kill them. But I do get that the whole Cloud 9 thing with the old Dante was part of his charm and everyone loved him for it. That's why everyone liked him. For me it got a little old after awhile.

I preferred New Dante over the old one but that just me. What is your opinion? Do you prefer the old or new Dante and why?

Spite 08-10-2013 08:35 PM

Never really been a fan of the series.

But I did enjoy DMC, and I preferred the new character.

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