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Bonnar426 10-17-2013 07:55 PM

Is it good to reboot a series?
I was just playing a game called Obscure which was this horror survival game that takes place in a school invested with monsters.

The game did have somethings going for it like being the only survival horror game to have co-op and a cool soundtrack. The rest of the game was pretty forgettable. Despite this the game still managed to get a cult following which prompted a sequel. After Obscure 2 the franchise pretty much dropped off the map until it was announced that a Obscure reboot would be released within the year. Fans of Obscure were happy to hear this thinking they might get a game with a little more depth, better controls, better graphics, better everything. That was until they saw the trailer of course...

A strange reboot for something that was originally a horror game. Fans of the series were up at arms about this?

I guess the question I want to ask is if remaking a video game franchise good? I know they tried it with Silent Hill and the response was "Meh". Fans of Devil May Cry hated the new Dante. Were their any remakes or reboots that you liked? Are their franchises that you would love to see remade? Or is it wise to leave the franchise alone?

Spite 10-18-2013 03:59 AM

Sid Meirs Pirates was a pretty good remake.

I would love to see FF7 remade or a direct sequel following on from the end of FF7.

M.C 10-18-2013 04:07 AM

It depends on what you are expecting.

Like the DMC example you used, if you actually play the game it's a great game. It has very fun combat, great graphics, fun bosses, over the top action - it's a DMC game at its core. It's just people didn't like the new character look and a few other things with it. Is that enough to say it shouldn't have been rebooted? I don't think so personally, as it's a very solid game.

I think that if a series gets a reboot, you need to go into it knowing it's a reboot. It most likely isn't from the same dev team and thus it's going to be different in some ways, some ways worse some ways better, go into it with a fresh mind. Even if it is the same dev team, it's still a reboot and you know they will try new things, take it for what it is (which means the game could suck or be good, but expectations should be set to trying something fresh going in).

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