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Blazn 06-23-2009 01:18 PM

Looking for training camp
Anyone lookin for a WW for their training camp? I have a good stand up game, but the majority of my wins end up by submission, usually in the first round. My record online is 14-8. (I fought a lvl 55 last night with like 100+ wins and like 30 losses. He came in for the takedown, I got him in rubber guard, flipped him over to mount and armbared him in the first 30 seconds. That's not even the funny part. He was using a maxed out caf and I was using a 95 overall caf lol! Of course he rage quit...) My record should be 19-8 but goddam rage quitter bitches!! I went on an 18 fight win streak yesterday until I lost a 5 rnd decision to this dude that was really good, he was lvl 71 and it was def the best/hardest fight iv fought. He had really superb counter grapple skills as well as a tight ground game Anyways, I'm lookin to improve my skills and also to share some techniques that I use. Hit me up here or on xbl.

XBL handle: Alwayzblazn

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