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eric2004bc 07-03-2009 11:09 AM

Judoka talks about his loss and future plans in the UFL
i recently caught up with judoka backstage afterhis fight with wrestler dude, and he agrred to do an interview, heres what he said


James T - alright im here with Lightweight contender Judoka

first of all thanx for taking the time to sit down with me and do this interview

alright lets begin, after demolishing your way through to the finals you fought wrestlerdude for the tittle, how did you prepar for this fight?

Judoka - Thanks, it's good to be here.

I have been training hard, Wrestlerdude was a tough opponent. I have undertaken intense caveman training with some other Team Cyanide members that are helping me get ready for this fight. I he has all round skills so I got ready everywhere I can.

James T - man i hear those team cyanide guys are a tough bunch, another member of your team eric2004bc got to the welterweight finals, but fell short against suicdejohnson in an arm bar in round 3, what are your thoughts on his loss?

Judoka - Failure is not an option here at Team Cyanide. All members get whipped if they lose(Except me, I get candy).

All jokes aside, Eric is a great fighter with good skills, he is very explosive with great striking. I am sure Eric will come back strong and will be looking to win the title in a rematch.

James T - speaking of training camps, how do you feel about team elite? there's been a few rumors going around that team cyanide and team elite have some personal beef

Judoka - Team Elite has some good guys. It's obvious Team Cyanide is better though. We are all built like black men and can knock peoples hair black. Half our game is also 90% mental.

James T - [laughs] i like your style, what do you think the future holds for you in the UFL?]

Judoka - I am not sure to be honest. We will wait and see. I am aiming to win the title back and keep it.

James T- give us your personal insight into what happend in the fight

Judoka - I felt I trained hard for the fight. He has great submission skills, I got mount but reversed into a kneebar. I made a mistake and he capitalized. I will be looking forward to hopefully a rematch for the title down the road.

James T - what do you think the future of UFL hollds for you?

Judoka - Train more, get my skills better and aim for the title again. There are a few people in the running so we will see what happens but I will be ready to fight, for the title or not for the title.

James T - and finaly is there nyone else in the LightWeight division other then wrestler dude that you really want to fight?

Judoka - I am not one to call anyone out, I will fight whoever the matchmakers put in front of me.

Alright thanx again for taking the time to sit and do this with me

The Horticulturist 07-04-2009 02:09 PM

nice. keep doing these interviews they are sweet.

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