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xLOTUSx 06-14-2009 02:51 AM

Undisputed Stories
Just thought it would be cool if we could all share some of are good stories that we have acquired throughout the course of playing.

Mine today was when I was playing a level 100 guy with 400 something wins. He was destroying me on the feet and getting really cocky slamming me from the clinch and then letting me back up. Finally he tried to throw me again and I reversed landed in mount, and rolling triangled him. It was freaking insane gained three levels.

dudeabides 06-14-2009 03:07 AM

Wish I could have seen that, I'd go up like 20 if I beat that guy not that I could most likely. My funnest times since I'm not so good online come in exhibition mode with the real fighters. Anybody else take them through the gauntlet? I pick one fighter and fight everybody else in the weightclass (15 dudes in heavyweight, more in the others) in one sitting on a hard level. Was sort of bummed after hearing the Cro cop news tonight and have been playing with him, beat Lesnar, Mir, Nog, Cain and Eddie with him so far.

Hammer_Lock 06-16-2009 10:11 PM

There was this one guy that I tooled around for 3 rounds. He was Mir and I was Arlovski. I pretty much killed him on his feet and he couldn't get me down to save his life. I couldn't knock him out either. So in round 3 with 30 seconds left, I though I would play it safe and what happens? Dude scores a takedown because I threw my controller away (not intentionally) and subbed me with a freaking kneebar.

By the way, have you guys also seen that most of the guys who use the best fighter in each weightclass (Mir, Machida, Anderson, GSP and BJ) are almost always button mashers? Seriously, one guy tried to high kick me to death with Mir and I just reversed it every time...

dudeabides 06-16-2009 10:33 PM

I know what you mean Hammer lock, I played 3 GSP's in a row the other night. And I wanted to mix it up and be a lower ranked guy, the next guy comes in the character select screen I've picked Kyle Bradley and he predictably wants to use GSP, but I am a 25 level fighter and he was 100. His user name was so easy to type in I just sent him a message: "need a handicap much?" and he sent back a message lamenting why nobody will play with him.

xLOTUSx 06-16-2009 10:48 PM

The new thing thats been happening to me is people leaving right when I get mount. Like WTF they dont even try to escape they just leave.

And also another note dont talk shit till your win has been saved.

Whitehorizon 06-17-2009 06:41 AM

Only thugs talk shit.

My undisputed story, I am level 53, I fought a level 8 3-11 record. He and I went the distance, but he had used a wrestler so he had a lot of takedowns. Either way he won the decision unanimously. Wtf man. I mean he played way better than a 3-11 guy, reversals, counter strikes, and takedowns. I just hope it was his friend on there, and hopefully his friend is a level 70 or something. That fight still bothers me. I never win a round of decision no matter how hard I fight.

leifdawg 06-17-2009 07:48 AM

I won a 5 round war against another level 60+guy this weekend. We were both exhausted and bloody by the end. It was my career fighter vs his.

Definitely fight of the night material.

TraMaI 06-17-2009 06:38 PM

Eric and I (staff here, forget his name >.>) fought our first round match. Went the distance completely (Alves [me] vs Karo). I'd beat him up standing for aminute and then he'd reverse it and toss me. I'd get back to standing, rinse and repeat. Eventually I started mixing all my strikes and put him on his ass in the begining of the second (not a rock just a knockdown). He gets up and then starts to toss me and stays on top the rest of the round. Third round he tosses me, keeps top and even gets mount a bit. I eventually got out and ended up rocking him in the last like 10 seconds of the round but I couldnt put him away. End of the third adn we're both like "holy shit good fight".

Decision Comes in:
Unanimous DRAW. So pissed lol. We both fought like crazy to win that fight :P

shatterproof 06-17-2009 06:47 PM

I was playing a couple weeks back and i had just started dinner before stupidly accepting a ranked match... on one hand was the burning garlic and olive oil and on the other was suffering a loss to this squeeky kid who would not stop with his very poor beaking... after playing the entire first round with only one hand and one eye on the screen (running away and blocking most the time) -- and telling him as much, that i was only using one hand -- he upped his noise level, calling me a pus*y, this and that, even though he had every opportunity to beat me in the first 5 minutes.

Well, i let the break between rounds go on while i finished with the olive oil and told him 'ok son, now i'm gonna use two hands.'. He comes out running for his spinning kick yet again and i counter with a step to the side and a technique right hook. Bam, on the button. He's out. He quit before he hit the canvas, i had a good laugh.

He later PM'd me calling me a 'cheap pus*y'? haha.

BWoods 07-29-2009 11:31 PM

I've got two great stories from the past week. I just now started playing Ranked matches and I've been progressing through the ranks pretty swiftly. In two days I've gotten myself to rank 23. When I was at rank 21 I came across a fellow 21 player and we started a fight in the Welterweight division.

I wanted to test out my Nick Diaz (He's ranked 94 I believe) so I picked him. The opponent picks GSP who is also ranked 94. The fight starts and I immediately see that this dude is pretty good. We trade some standup for a little while with nobody getting any heavy shots in. I decide to take this fight to the ground because I think he'll catch me sooner or later. (My Diaz doesn't have a lot of strength) So I clinch and pull guard.

On the ground I find out that this guy is really good. He reverses a few of my moves and advances his position. Luckily I'm able to work back to full guard and even sweep to mount. Before I'm able to do much of anything we run out of time and it's round two. In round two I'm not sure what happens but he ends up taking me down like crazy and even mounting me. I throw a few submission attempts in there but we're just sweeping back and forth. Needless to say this is an epic battle.

Round three comes around and we both have a lot of stamina left, so it's time to go for broke. I'm thinking at this point I lost round two for sure and he could have won one, so I'm doing whatever I can to finish the fight. I throw a lot of strong strikes and pull guard. I'm throwing all kinds of submission attempts at him and blocking his transitions. Ultimately the fight is over and we go to a decision. The judges come back with 28/28 across the board.

We had a Unanimous draw. It's the craziest thing I've EVER seen in this game so far. It was a great match. We've got plans on having a rematch some day because it was just too much fun.

My second moment comes from a bit of karma. I'm hosting a game and want to test out my newest CAF Alistair Overeem. A player joins and immediatly chooses Frank Mir. Now my Overeem is only rated 86 and I don't really feel like fighting a Mir with a disadvantage so I switch to my Fedor that is ranked 95. The guy sees this change and switches to Kongo. I think "well Kongo matches with Alistair better" so I switch back and punch it in. At the last second he swiths back to Mir and hits X as fast as he can. So I'm stuck fighting him with this character that I'm not used to playing with yet.

So I'm thinking I'm in some trouble here and could lose very easily. He comes flying out of the gate and throws a flying knee while I'm trying to do the glove tap. I'm able to avoid the knee and open with a low kick followed by an elbow in clinch range. THE ELBOW KNOCKS HIM OUT.

That's right, 9 seconds into the fight and I get a KO with a clinch elbow. The guy deserved it for the games he played with the fighters and not tapping gloves.

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