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WEFLRic 02-06-2012 08:29 PM

World Extreme Fight League (PS3)

What's up MMAForum? I want to give you a brief introduction to my league.

I know there are a lot of gamers here who will be picking up UFC 3 soon. Some of you may be familiar with the competitive gaming scene, and others may not. Perhaps you didn't have the greatest experience competing in a league. Spammers, complainers, general a-holes? Those new may have thought about it, but the idea is just too overwhelming. Where do I start? How does this work? You may ask yourself, I did.

I introduce to you the WEFL, or World Extreme Fight League. A roster fighter based league, dedicated to the most legitimate and respectful MMA gamers in the world. We have a no tolerance policy for bs.

We started in 2010, and quickly rose to prominence as the #1 EA MMA league for the PS3, and are returning for a brand new season, with UFC 3 as the main focus.

Here we try to replicate a real MMA organization. You choose an individual fighter to use (ex. Jose Aldo) and are put on a fight card every week. Are matched up versus an opponent, and from here you attempt to climb the ranks and put on memorable performances that will forever go down in the virtual MMA history books. You do not need to be the best gamer ever to compete here. It's all about having fun.

We uphold honor, integrity, and exciting fighters over anything else, and do not reward players who are in it to win at all costs.

Some features of the league include:

- Championship Belts (Look awesome, and can be put in signature for bragging rights.)

- Fight Camps (Find people willing to help you improve your game, while teaching what you know to those in need.)

- Great Community (Courteous, friendly people. Discuss MMA and other non related topics.)

- Grand Prix Tournaments (Very fun to do once in a while. Usually a prize involved.)

- Camp Wars (Create unforgettable rivalries between camps, and duke it out in the cage to see who is the best.)

- K-1/Boxing (For those who don't want want to deal with "none of that g*y wrestlin' s**t.)

- Clean Website Layout (Easy to use, navigate, look at.)

- Fight Posters/Promotion (Posters and card write ups every week to hype events.)

- Fight Bonuses (KOTN, SOTN, FOTN)

- Honor System (System created to assess opponents tactics and sportsmanship.)

- Chat Box (Great for gathering an discussing MMA events on fight night. Random discussion.)

- Ranking System

- As well as many others.

We just completed our season draft, but there are many good fighters available for both MMA and K-1 leagues.

We will be holding our first event one week after the release of UFC 3, so I look forward to seeing you there.

Visit us here: for more information.

Would be happy to answer any questions here or on the website.

overmedicated 02-07-2012 11:21 PM

best league by far - great admins - great fights - great community

the best in the world play at wefl

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