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DropKick 03-05-2008 05:01 PM

The MMA Forum LOVE Thread
It's time to spread the love. So, I know a lot of us like to argue with each other about MMA and other topics, but who are your favorite MMA Forum member posters? They don't have to be in any particular order. There are a lot of others, but here are the ones that always stand out to me.

In no particular order here are my top 5:

Flak - This dude always makes great points and doesn't let any nuthugging influence his opinions. His avatar is awesome as well.

Wouldluv2fightU - Solid poster. He actually gave me my first ever rep when I joined.

Fedor>All – I tend to have a lot of the same feelings about fighters and fights that he does.

Plazzman – He brings it. And it’s usually pretty funny.

Damone – Brings the content and the humor as well. Also, Mike Damone is one of the best characters ever created.

Here are a couple of others that I enjoy reading:

Surf Ninja – “the Ron Burgundy of MMA Forums”
Massage_Dancer – The hot girl thread is full of win. Bravo.
Swpthleg – Sweep always brings the humor, she likes great movies and always makes great pop culture references.
Bbjd7 – he knows MMA and always makes great posts, even when I disagree with him.
IronMan – always has great breakdowns of fighters and fights.
Javsll – always makes well researched and well thought out posts.

My favorite of all time though is Sam Clarke. I really wish he'd come back with some great stories.:thumbsup:

There are a lot more of you guys too that I didn't mention, keep up the good work.

SlaveTrade 03-05-2008 05:41 PM

I just want to send my love to Davisty69.

Your CroCop support is awesome.

If you're reading this, I just want to thank you for the points you've donated to me. I always felt that I've never had a chance to properly thank you. Thanks!

EDIT: I'm also putting them to good use.


N1 03-05-2008 05:46 PM

negative 1
massage dancer

M_D 03-05-2008 05:58 PM

Wow good thread

I will do this but if i leave your name out I am sorry it is not that I dont like you it is just that my caffeine is having trouble kicking in

In no particular order

Plazzman: My main Man when it comes to the forums we have worked on so many threads together to make them great while having great discussions about MMA and other stuff plus he shares his Girlfriend with me witch Rocks.

UfcFan: This guy was really the first Mod that I talked to and he helped show me the ropes of the forum. He has always been quick to answer any of my questions and help me out when ever possible, and the man has great post and threads.

Damone: What can I say about the guy he knows his Shit when it comes to MMA. If he says a fight is good I bust my ass to go out and find that fight so I can watch it. We share love for red undies, sideburns, mustaches, and buckets which is a rare trait in a person.

SurfNinja and Braveheart: my partners in crime on the Hot girl Thread man these guys know their pic damn many a nights I have had my right arm start hurting while I stare at those pics lol. Both very solid posters and funny to boot.

Kds: Very Helpful guy that does everything he can for the forum never says "no", he just says he will try his best on anything you ask him.

Iron Daisy: This man has taught me allot through his post that he has shared with the forums and has also made me laugh on numerous occasions

BrownPimp: like Ufcfan he does everything he can to make the forum great while still maintaining that pimp status we all know him for

Robbs140: Again I have been taught allot about MMa through his writings plus he goes out of his way to come out with great ideas to make the forum a fun place to post on and I am really glad that he is starting to get the recognition he deserves for this

Cabby: Just an all around Great Poster never had a problem with anything he as ever wrote and he is always there to help people when they have questions in threads I have repped so many of his steller post that my fingers start to hurt

Chrisl97s: the man just makes me laugh all the time on here add that to very solid post and there is no doubt his name deserves to be mentioned in this thread

WarHero: this man has helped me out many a times when I needed it and I have allot of respect for him as a poster

Swepthleg: The Queen of the MMAForum this girl holds the trophy for the single post that made me laugh the hardest that I have ever read on here, great poster and always has something nice to say

Coppershark:even though we disagree at times the man does allot for the forum that I dont think people recognize I Really respect and like him for that

Sterling, Greenscape,wafb
: just bad ass posters

Honorable mentions to these guys just because I am lazy and dont want to write anymore paragraphs I just wrote out everyones name then started writing about them

Kameleon, Anton, SlaveTrade, Arlovski_Fan, nikosCC, mlsman23, Ramzzee, Calibretto9, ethug, Fedor>All, DropKick, murrayjb, Davisty69, norway1, liveson777,

hmm I know I am missing people one in particular ...... Oh Yeah lol.

TB: What can I say This Man is MMAForums. there is not a thing this man does not have a hand in that makes this forum great

like I said if I missed your name I am sorry and I will include you in my next post in this thread that I will be making when I fully wake up (damn Plazzman kept e up all fricken nite)

Arlovski_Fan 03-05-2008 06:37 PM


Originally Posted by massage__dancer (Post 488064)
Kameleon, Anton, SlaveTrade, Arlovski_Fan, nikosCC, mlsman23, Ramzzee, Calibretto9, ethug, Fedor>All, DropKick, murrayjb, Davisty69, norway1, liveson777


Bbjd7- I usually don't disagree with what he says, and even when I do he's got a point.

Damone and Plazzman- Funny and knows their stuff

Surfninja - I don't think I've ever seen a post of his in the MMA section but hes hilarious lol

Kds - Nice guy that usually has good points

GMW - Even though he joins in the mindless religious debates, he tries to keep an unbiased view point and doesn't get emotionally attached. Also pretty funny and knowledgeable.

Fedor>all - Knows a lot and sticks with opinions

Massage_dance - Funny, and for some reason I really find your old sig hilarious, where he wants to kill the dude with the knife after the gun spiel

probably forgetting people so sorry to you guys lol

wukkadb 03-05-2008 09:52 PM

I'm a big fan of the following:
-Trey B


Okami-Fan 03-05-2008 10:05 PM

jeez no one likes me anymore:(
well heres my list
Iron man
and E-thug

e-thug 03-05-2008 10:37 PM

Good idea for a thread, now I aint gonna name every single person who I think is a solid poster cuz lets face it...Id be hear all night.

Im just gonna list the top 10 in my opinion (no particular order)

1. Damone....Its a gimme
2. Terry77....I dunno, he doesnt get much love around hear, but his posts are damn solid.
3. Wise....Again someone who doesnt get much recognition, but is a solid poster.
4. Ironman....I dont think Ive ever seen a post of his that wasnt well thought out.
5. Trey B....."Da" Man on MMAF.
6. Kds....My favourite Mod, he always is willing to give out a helping hand.
7. WL2FU....Solid poster, dont see him around as much anymore.
8. Green Scape....This guy always makes me laugh, prolly the funniest member as far as im concerned!
9. mlsman23....He has really came along nicely, a real good member as of late.
10.Fedor>All....Probably the biggest Fedor nuthugger (nuttin wrong wit that man!) and yeah, the guy knows his mma.

Yes I realize im probably forgetting peeps!! Just the ones that popped into my head.

plazzman 03-06-2008 12:47 AM

Ah man, top tens, naaiiicce!!

In no perticular order as the kids say....

M__D: As he says, we've been boys for a long long time and ran alot of threads together. The fun doesn't stop there cause he harrasses me on MSN as well.

Damone: The dudes a legend in my books and has the perfect sense of humor. I gotta say I'm prob the biggest fan of the Retro-Watches, and the fact that he loves Bas is just the icing on the already iced cake.

WL2FU: He's been away for a while, but the dude is really entertaining and informative. He really made the atmosphere when I first joined, he needs to come back.

Terry77: The dude is the most underrated member here and I feel that him, Damone and I make a good trio with out love of the oldies. Plus hes funny as hell.

Okami-Fan: As much as you guys give him flak, this guy is great and is actually pretty nice once you get passed the Okami obsession. Plus he gives me alot of money :D

kds: I'll be honost before he became mod, I didn't know who he was, but ever since, this dudes been a stud, he's always around, leadin by example. Really cool guy and outstanding mod.

Surfninja: One of the funniest guys around, intentionally and unintentionally.

Brownpimp88: Another great mod who's always been there. Plus he makes a good Yarennoka all night buddy. So thats just awesome.

F>A, GMW, BBJD: These 3 are kinda alike in that theyre relentless in their debates, know their shit and are cool guys, but each is still different in his own.

SWP: Coolest lady on the net

mlsman23: The dudes gonna play for Everton soon, so thats just awesome, plus hes cool.

lotus: cool cool guy who probably wants me

chrisl972, Greenscape: Really funny dudes, real funny.

Wukkadb: The man digs Pendulum, and thats all you need.

AA_Fan: He likes mirko and AA, what more can you ask for?

Cabby/UFCfan33: Nicest guys around, really.

Dropkick: Love the sinical humor.

and everyone else that mentioned me or I forgot, really, this place is awesome because of you all. Ill more then likely update this.

EDIT: Oh man, I forgot Judoka, really cool guy, very smart and awesome poster.

EDIT 2: Ramzee: Great guy, knows his shit and is really cool.

traf_quake 03-06-2008 03:26 AM

Surfninja-hilarious poster
WL2FU-props to his pushup experiment...though i think he stole it from deadpool i still got mad use outta it..thatnks to him i can rep out over 100 pushups
Also mad props to bail3yz for giving me something like 4 million points for free and to e-thug for giving me 100,000when i won his bj penn tivia game

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