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Originally Posted by southpaw447 View Post
-People on their bluetooth headsets and Nextels (nobody cares what your talking about)

-Ghetto Hip Hop Inspirational Movies about Dancing- (Stomp the Yard, You Got Served, Step Up etc)
Damn... I wanted to say that!

Let me add:

People who have stickers of the name of the brand of their vehicle on their vehicle (Usually on the windows)

People who think The fast and the furious is legitimate and try to trick out civics, neons, etc etc



People who think it's cool to drink cheap beer (Frat guys)

Indie hipsters

people who are "grossed out" because I watch MMA

Stoners (I party but stoners bother me)

Prude bitches

public restrooms

crying babies

chapped lips

a runny nose

country music


"Existence precedes essence"

- Jean Paul Sartre

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Lights Out
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I hate the Red Sox

I hate the Mets

I hate people who try to talk to me on the bus/subway

I hate it when the bus stops and dosen't move for 5 ******* MINUTES UGH.

I hate wrestlers who come to BJJ, and never tap casue there the tough guy.

I hate guys who come to BJJ and after a week try coaching people that have been there longer than them.

I hate it when fat people come to BJJ and just sit there and take a water break every 10 minutes,

I hate going to high school in the projects.

I hate it when I play Halo and get shut out.

I hate it when people try to talk to me with there mouth full of ******* food.

I hate it when people squint there eyes to see

I hate it when I try to write hate it comes out ahte lol

More to come I hate a lot of things

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The Truth
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Originally Posted by Cochise View Post
I hate commercials/television shows/ movies that try to reach a target audience via stereotypes and cliches.
You hate marketing?

Originally Posted by Cochise View Post
I hate people who "dislike" America based on stupid recycled cliched reasons, with out ever really taking time to understand America.

A few things I can think of:

-How Philadelphia sports teams can't win while Boston has been shitting champions as of late.
-Getting into a car that is too hot/too cold.
-6 am
-How every dude in a beer commercial is average to just plain ugly, yet has a smokin hot girl on his arm.
-The stupid "/ \" eyebrow shape every single guy has in an Old Spice commercial. The ole undeserved sense of accomplishment was played out after Anchorman, but thanks for the current influx, Old Spice.
-Esurance and freecreditreport.com commercials.
-When the tongue of my sneaker slips to the side (seriously, the world collapses).
-When I order the hockey package and games from NJ, NYR, and NYI are blacked out because theoretically I could get them if I wanted - aka if I paid for a 200 dollar package.
-That I don't live in the 1920s or 60s

"I don't dink anyone en dis division can endure my riddum."
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Curitiba Food and Liquor
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soundtracks in places like American Eagle, Abercrombie, where you can't decide whether to bust a satirical move or go into a spending trance.

The fact that there will probably never be a Sprockets movie.

Ppl who have been taking tkd 3 times as long as me and question every damn thing the sa bu nim says, ie stuff they've known for years.

Bad tattoos on ppl who could easily afford to get them touched up and/or done over.

That the only place to get good sushi in town is snotty beyond any degree that a restaurant in a small city should be.

Ppl who work out in flip-flops. Stupid looking at best, dangerous at worst.

The fans who booed the Red Sox players at the all star game. Hello! It's the all star game honoring icons of the sport! I don't care about the rivalry, you don't f*cking boo at the all star game EVER!!!!!!! (No I'm not a Sox fan).

Ass kissing celebrity articles in Vogue, Elle, etc. If I want to ready a shitty celebrity rag, I'll read Star or Us or something.

That there is noplace to take MT in my town.

More later.

Sig Credit to Toxic
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I hate alcohol and tobacco. ******* delicious shit. Smoked another *** today after not smoking for two weeks.

I hate women. Insecure bitches.

I hate people who don't understand that music taste is subjective.

I hate those ****s who just won't mind there buisness. You know the people I mean, the ones who just have to comment on shit or mess with people for no reason.

I hate hunting and people who hunt. Killing rabbits does not make you a man.

I hate my inability to control my anger and my willingness to engage in violence.

I hate my body. I have a bad back.

I hate the fact that I sometimes find myself feeling sorry for myself because of the above, when it's nothing and there are so many people so much worse off than me.

I hate people who try to talk on stuff they know nothing about.

I hate reality TV, and those shows where random nobodies talk about celebrities lives. I don't understand their appeal.

******* internet tough guys, like that guy who I was talking to who claimed to be some badass Kickboxer Marine Martial arts instructor and now I'm reading about some guy who smashed a ninjas (with six years training) teeth out?

And I hate Condoms, putting them on especially.

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Not The Song
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Originally Posted by All_In_GSP View Post
You hate marketing?
I guess that is true, but some stuff is much more subtle than others.

two more:

I hate pop singing solo acts who think they are true musicians.

I hate films that get awards just cause they are independant and artsy.

"I assure you, whatever the others promise to do, when it comes to the showdown, they won't be there... "
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Stone Cold Crazy
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I hate the nine tenth of a sent on gas prices. This isnt high school math class!!

I hate the prices of food and beverage at any event like a concert, carnival...

As soon as I buy the best computer on the market the next day they have just created a new one twice as good and half as cheap!

I hate my mini fridge's freezer cant keep ice cream solid.

I hate mullets

Being with a chick that loves make-up. No more than ten minutes worth a day. Anything more and you might as well have a canvas and a bottle of booze!!

Anyone that smokes marijuana in front of there kids.

Anyone that has a kid that and a drug addict gets in the way of there relationship.

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International Stalker
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I hate women, you can't live with them and you can't live without them

I hate so called best friends that are now dating your ex gf

I hate that my real best friend was my ex gf and now we barely talk or hang out

I hate losing my real best friend and the feeling that comes with it

I hate wierd ass 33 year old wiccan roommates, come on man your 33 and still living on campus, WTF? (I don't actually hate him since I don't know him but I was hoping I could get normal roommates that I could hang out with and stuff and not feel incredibly awkward in my room around)

I hate my job

I hate my bad knee

I hate that I have no money

I hate school and all the papers and assignments that go with it

I hate picking a profession where I have to go to school for 8 years

I hate being lazy

I hate that my college doesn't have a wrestling team

I hate that my dorm next year is the farthest away from the campus

I hate how naive my sister is

I hate myspace and my sister's friend because they are the reason she is naive and is making stupid decisions that are only going to lead to her getting hurt

I hate that everything I hate is trivial compared to what some people have to deal with

I hate many other things I can't think of right now
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1. I hate Veegans. Seriously, I can't stand these people.

2. EMO kids. Please go kill yourself already, you aren't the only ones that have problems and the world doesn't owe you anything. Grow up, stop blogging about your pathetic lives on Myspace and take off those retarded dark rimmed glasses and uber tight jeans. Oh yeah, you are supposed to look at the camera when taking a picture of yourself. When did it become cool to look down while taking a pic of yourself?

3. Wiggers. You aren't gangsta, and it's not cool to pretend to be.

4. Pretty much anyone at a movie theatre. You are there to watch a movie, not talk on your cell phone, text your friends, crinkle the popcorn bag for 2 straight hours or (if you happen to live in an urban area), talk to the goddam screen. I can barely stand going to the movie theatre and will only do so reluctantly if my girlfriend really wants to go. Netflix and On Demand movies are where it's at.

5. Coldplay. Is there a more overrated and pretentious band out there?

6. People that "Aks" me questions. Learn to say "ask".

7. People that wear Blue Tooths in their ears. These people are the worst. You aren't a special forces operative or nearly important enough that you can't take out your phone and talk on it for 30 seconds.

8. Bill O'Riely. Has he ever actually interviewed anyone? I mean besides constantly interrupting someone when they are making a point about something. This guy is a serious douche.

9. Getting ganked in Elemental Plateu while farming motes of air. I really f'n hate Alliance.

10. Machida ball washers. I didn't think it could get worse than GSP nuthuggers, then Lyoto came along.

11. Not being able to get 5 stars on Raining Blood in GH3. I mean, Slayer rules and I feel like I'm letting them down.

12. NYC radio stations. I'm from New Jersey and I've lived in a couple different areas of the country. New York has by far the crappiest radio in the country.

13. Tom Brady, Bill Belichek and the entire Patriots organization. 18 wins and 1 GIANT loss.

14. Johnathan Papelbon. You are not Mariano Rivera, stfu.

15. Waiting in line behind someone at 7-11 that is ordering lottery tickets. I'm just trying to get some f'n coffee before I go to work and I have to wait for you to get 15 different scratch offs, 5 pick 6 tickets, 10 Mega Millions and 5 pick 4...

16. People who take an elevator to go up 1 floor. In the lobby of the building I work in, there are stairs right next to the elevator that go up to the first floor. It isn't a stair well either, the ground floor is open up to the first floor. Some people will still wait for the elevator to go to the first floor.


"I does work" - Brett Rogers

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Off Topic - I love how the title got edited from being an +{[***()-OFFICIAL THREAD-()***]}+

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