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    Julianna Pena did the most shocking thing she beat Amanda Nunes at 135 pounds and took her title. Amanda Nunes was being hailed as the greatest but Pena with no fear went into the cage at UFC 269 and by 3:26 of the second round she had squeezed hard enough to take the title from Nunes. A rematch...
  3. UFC
    Conor McGregor tried in 2017 to do the unthinkable. Looking back at it, was it even possible? Not even a chance. It is obvious now looking back that Conor really needed a miracle to beat Floyd Mayweather at his own game. Years have gone and went and Amanda Nunes is still on top of women's UFC...
  4. UFC
    Gabi Garica is the best fight for Amanda Nunes. Before you say that Amanda Nunes would KO Gabi Garica let us take a closer look at the facts. Amanda Nunes has 13 KO/TKO's out of 25 fights so far, slightly over 50% KO/TKO ratio. Gabi Garcia has never been KO'd or TKO'd or even finished in a...
  5. UFC
    Amanda Nunes vs Holly Holm who would you pick to win that fight? at 135lbs?
1-5 of 5 Results