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  1. UFC
    A few years ago if you asked a fan who wins Conor McGregor vs Khamzat Chimeav nobody would respond unless they said "who the fook is Chimeav!" McGregor was on top of the world, Chimeav was a nobody. The cards in MMA shuffle and when they do sometimes the top cards show up at the bottom. That is...
  2. UFC
    Conor McGregor tried in 2017 to do the unthinkable. Looking back at it, was it even possible? Not even a chance. It is obvious now looking back that Conor really needed a miracle to beat Floyd Mayweather at his own game. Years have gone and went and Amanda Nunes is still on top of women's UFC...
  3. UFC
    Conor McGregor had a legendary career winning 2 UFC titles but at UFC 264 he broke. Conor didn't win the trilogy or the fight instead his left leg broke and Conor did not handle it well. He looked angry he looked mad and he said some very bad things. At 32 years old it looks like Conor has...
  4. UFC
    NEW alternate angle of Conor McGregor threatening to kill Dustin and Jolie Poirier “in their sleep” and makes gun sign to his head: “In your sleep you’re getting it, in your sleep you’re dead, you and your Mrs, it ain’t over”
  5. UFC
    I am in development on a documentary about the rise of Conor McGregor and the UFC I am looking for unofficial footage (phone camera or better) of Conor McGregor (weigh-ins, press conferences, media workouts, media events, promo events, fan/crowd shots, fight walk-outs, interviews, venue shots...
  6. General MMA Discussion
    Who would win at 170lbs Conor or Rory? Who do you think the betting odds would favor? UFC vs Bellator champ vs champ who would you be expecting to win in a 5 round fight?
  7. Fan Made Media (Youtube highlights and misc)
    Dana White revealed the footage of Conor McGregor and Paul Malignaggi sparring in two short clips on his instagram page. One of the videos revealed whether the controversial photo of McGregor standing over a downed Malignaggi, was the result of a push, or a punch. And in my opinion, it was...
  8. UFC
    People saying that NO ONE can beat McGregor, but Woodley is a tough challenger, hes big and can easily knockout anyone, who would win if they both stepped in the octagon?
  9. General MMA Discussion
    I know that numerous UFC fighters have tattoos, but what about body piercings (i.e., ears, nose, lip, eyebrow, nipples, tongue, etc.)? I do know that Conor McGregor has his right eyebrow, both his ears, his tongue and both his nipples pierced; but you think of any others?
  10. General MMA Discussion
    Recent interview from Dana White explaining why he pulled Conor Mcgregor off UFC 200. Interview: April 20, 2016 on FS1.
  11. UFC
    Me and a buddy of mine are huge fans of the sport and decided to make a video about UFC 200. If this gets a good response, we'll probably keep making more. Check out the video and let us know what you think.
  12. UFC
    As the title says, I think Conor needs to be assessing how he spends his time going forward. I ponder in this article whether his use of Ido Portal should be phased out? Especially if he makes a move to 155. He already moves well, for me, his use of a movement coach is like Mark Kerr using a...
  13. General MMA Discussion
    My name is Richard Mpayi, been training for almost 4 years, competing for almost 3 years i have an amateur record of 4-2 and an Pro record of 1-0 i'm young in this game but my hunger for knowledge made /makes me grow fast. im training in Belgium at Perfect team, trained by ben dandois en invicta...
1-14 of 17 Results