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  1. Conor McGregor Documentary seeks phone video (or better) footage

    I am in development on a documentary about the rise of Conor McGregor and the UFC I am looking for unofficial footage (phone camera or better) of Conor McGregor (weigh-ins, press conferences, media workouts, media events, promo events, fan/crowd shots, fight walk-outs, interviews, venue shots...
  2. GSP vs Ben Askren who wins?

    General MMA Discussion
    Who would win in a 5 round fight at 170lbs Ben or GSP?
  3. Dana White says McGregor has "old injury" going into UFC 205

    Hey guys I just saw this recent interview with Dana White saying that Conor McGregor has an "old injury" going into UFC 205. Does anyone think this could affect Conor's performance ?
  4. Carano: Dana Laughed When I Warned Him About Holm

    Carano recounts to FOX Sports: www.mmamania.com/2015/12/21/10637532/gina-carano-last-year-warned-dana-white-holly-holm-was-legit-he-laughed-blew-it-off-mma