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daniel cormier

  1. UFC 226 Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier

    Who are you picking to take this mega fight? Can DC move up to heavyweight a weigh he has faught at in the past and face the most winning Heavyweight champion of all time? Your thoughts on this huge fight taking place this summer?
  2. Daniel Cormier's Fans - What's his best fight?

    His fight Vs Anthony Johnson is my best!! Click here in case that you want to check out highlights from their fight
  3. The almost unnoticeable Unstoppable press conference

    The UFC's Unstoppable press conference risked being submitted by a Tate and Diaz media choke, but it survived. I have wrote a piece on the conference, more importantly two moments that resonated with me. Wonder what everyone else thought to the media event...