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  1. UFC
    Sounds ridiculous but Jake Paul is a media giant. Smart, clever, young and, full of surprises Paul has taken the world of combat sports over. Simply put Jake is a superstar and did it all himself. Without the help of Dana White and the UFC. Just turning 25 Paul has already reached the peak of...
  2. UFC
    Jake Paul has called out everyone even made a 13 person hit list that includes his own brother. If Jake would stoop that low to fight his own older brother he should have no problem fighting Claressa Shields who already said she would fight him. In a fight between Jake and Claressa Shields who...
  3. General MMA Discussion
    According to Tito Ortiz Jake Paul is easy work. Tito referred to Jake's biggest win of his career by congratulating him for crushing a Tomato can. So far no response from Jake Paul. This fight seems right up Jake Paul's alley. In a fight between Tito Ortiz and Jake Paul either boxing or MMA...
1-3 of 3 Results