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  1. UFC
    A few years ago if you asked a fan who wins Conor McGregor vs Khamzat Chimeav nobody would respond unless they said "who the fook is Chimeav!" McGregor was on top of the world, Chimeav was a nobody. The cards in MMA shuffle and when they do sometimes the top cards show up at the bottom. That is...
  2. UFC
    According to Colby Covington, Khamzat Chimeav is just some bum. Is that really true? Khamzat is on fire and has cracked the top 15 of the welterweight division. He is not a top 3 guy like Covington just yet but if he keeps on winning he will be at the top of the division very soon. Fans seem to...
1-2 of 2 Results