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  1. Conor McGregor's three retirement announcements...

    What are your thoughts on McGregor’s timeline of MMA retirements? Do you think the latest one is just another PR stunt to hype up his next return? Or do you think this was a right decision? https://onlinesportsblog.com/conor-mcgregor-retirement-mma-ufc/
  2. "knockout power"

    General MMA Discussion
    I know this is considered a mystery by many but I hope I can get some answers that will at least help me to understand or gain some perspective. Physiologically all professional boxers/MMA fighters should have the necessary force/power to inflict a (KO) as many sources I have read state that...
  3. Dana White says McGregor has "old injury" going into UFC 205

    Hey guys I just saw this recent interview with Dana White saying that Conor McGregor has an "old injury" going into UFC 205. Does anyone think this could affect Conor's performance ?
  4. Illustrator Ikusova: MMA-fighters funny potraits

    GFX Portfolios
    Hi there! :) I'm a UFC-fan, working as an illustrator, and I've made some potraits of famous MMA-fighters just for fun. Can you please give me your thoughts on them. It is watercolour and Photoshop.
  5. Why did McGregor Lose The Fight Against Nate Diaz?

    What is the reason that Conor McGregor lost the fight against Nate Diaz? Did he underestimate his opponent? Did he run out of gas? Was it the sudden weight gain? Check out ChrisAngelsTv.com