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  1. General MMA Discussion
    Sometimes you just know your playing with . Dustin Poirier vs Michael Chandler is that fire. It’s 100%, we can bet our houses on it. We can agree as a group that when these two warriors touch gloves the flame is ready to burn and not go out until someone is smashed! The question is, who gets...
  2. UFC
    Breaking (#7) =AZXkapQl_D9mt-SICjlfKYrC3KBB5qBm_N0DX8HNo1kNEXsv1te_yfLP11W8Powtx8-V0pnMxs25k3eW49aV8lvhUp0jAe2T8SPwC-5HHu9ik7UvZJcYcv-kthJOS3JQps3T-7_TPyzfNFI4qcxRoPt4&tn=-]K*F']Tony "El Cucuy" Ferguson vs (#5)...
1-2 of 2 Results