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  1. UFC
    Julianna Pena recently stated that she would like Ronda Rousey to come back to MMA. She remembers when Ronda was the champion in the TUF house. Team Rousey vs Team Tate was the thing back then and the first female ultimate fighter was born. Pena won that show and is now the UFC champion beating...
  2. MMA Classifieds
    Custom made, professional grade MMA cage. Hexagon shape 24' x 28' (nearly same as UFC). Great shape! 2 sets or irons steps, detachable-bird perch camera man seat. In North Carolina. Easy set up and tear down, Comes with instructions. (Vinyl floor in picture will tighten down-we have the...
  3. MMA Classifieds
    Hi My name is Giovanni and I live in Virginia. I have a 24' cage built by Monster that has only been used twice. Purchased in Feb 2016 and currently in a warehouse. The only thing it needs is the plywood. It was taken when it was in the previous facility. We can transport if needed for a...
1-3 of 3 Results