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rory macdonald

  1. Conor McGregor vs Rory MacDonald who wins?

    General MMA Discussion
    Who would win at 170lbs Conor or Rory? Who do you think the betting odds would favor? UFC vs Bellator champ vs champ who would you be expecting to win in a 5 round fight?
  2. Bellator 179 Fight Picks

    Bellator MMA
    Hey guys in honor of Bellator 179 this friday I created a lengthy post on my site covering and picking every single fight on the fight card, from prelims to main card. Check it out and see if you agree with me and talk with me here about your own picks...
  3. Long guard counters

    Technique, Training and Nutrition
    How to counter long guard in: 1) Orthodox vs Southpaw 2) Orthodox vs Orthodox OR Southpaw vs Southpaw Athlete that uses long guard often: Rory MacDonald, Jon Jones