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Brisbane Qld Australia
Was seen by sports physios & told I have 1cm ankle range of motion, ankle flexion on knee to wall test. Was told normal range of motion is more like 10-15cm.
I thought it was my Achilles tendon?: Went to a Dr of sports medicine, had CT scan done, looked at my ankles and said this isn't normal & referred me to an orthopaedic surgeon, was told he has a good reputation. Dr of sports medicine wrote out please see X____ he has very difficult problem with ankle joint
Went to the orthopaedic surgeon & got blown off. Told peace out & Goodluck. Orthopaedic surgeon had the CT scans and told me your talus and tibia where they meet at the ankle are flat, you were born like that. I've seen it once before
Instead of rounded allowing it to naturally glide over giving range of motion tibiotalar joint/ankle joint: ankle joint scan tibia talus - Google Search

This is something I need to deal with, it's ruined me from the ground up. If you're a young guy and you can't get that shit out of you, power/stress and what not through physical exercise it makes you sick, effectively you get neutered and disconnect & that's no life
If anyone has a recommendation, a specialist that could help
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