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About a week away fellas...get your picks in as you see it now.

Updated Card:

Alexander Emelianenko vs. Fabricio Werdum
Rodney Faverus vs. Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos
Jon Olav Einemo vs. James "The Colossus" Thompson
Gilbert Yvel vs. TBA
Murad Chunkaiev vs. Michael Knaap
Dave Dalgliesh vs. Lukas Jurkowski
Jessie Gibbs vs. Milco Voorn
Anil Dubar vs. Jeffrey Pedro
Brian Lo A Njoe vs. Oktay Karatas

Muay Thai
Joerie Mes vs. Tyrone Spong
Murat Direkci vs. Ray Staring
Samir Bennazouz vs. Aswin Balrak
Faldir Chahbari vs. Ali Gunjar
Alviar Lima vs. Marco Pique
Germaine vs. Joanna Generowicz

Muay Thai vs Kyokushinkai
Barrington Patterson vs. Henk Kuipers

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The Samurai Files
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j.farrell said:
what event is this, is it one of the european prides??
No it's called 2H2H(2 Hot 2 Handle). It's a Holland based organization that has a very good working relationship with PRIDE. PRIDE lends alot of their fighters to smaller organizations like Shooto, 2H2H, Strikeforce, DEEP(feeder organization), ICON Sport, etc., etc. That's when I always laugh when people say that PRIDE is scared to send their fighters to the UFC. It's not that they are scared, because obviously they send their fighters to other organizations, they just don't want to help their top competition in the US.

here are the results of the event:

MMA matches:

-Fabricio Werdum def. Aleksander Emelianenko via Submission (side choke) in Round 1.
-Jon Olav Eneimo def. James Thompson via Submission (armbar) in Round ?.
-Murad Chunkaiev def. Michael Knapp via Decision after 3 Rounds.
-Gilbert Yvel def. Rodney Faverus via TKO in Round ?.
-Dave Dalgliesh def. Lukas Jurkowski via KO in Round 2.
-Jesse Gibbs def. Milco Voorn via Submission (armbar) in Round 1.
-Brian Lo An Joe def. Oktay Karatas via Submission (choke) in Round 1.
-Thiago Tavares def. Ulas Aslan via TKO in Round 1.
-Michael Ettl def. Anil Dubar via Decision after 3 Rounds.

Muay Thai bouts:

-Tyrone Sprong def. Joerie Mes via KO in Round 5.
-Murat Direkci def. Ray Staring via TKO (doctor stoppage) in Round 3.
-Aswin Balrak def. Sami Bennazouz via KO in Round 3.
-Alviar Lima def. Marco Pique via Decision.
-Germaine de Randamie def. Jonna Generowicz via TKO in Round 1.
-Faldir Chahbari def. Ali Gunjar via Decision.

Muay Thai vs. Kyokushinkai bout:

-Henk Kuipers def. Barrington Patterson via Decision.

The Samurai Files
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MIKE333 said:
Anyone Know Where To Get This Event From,also Looking For Show Fight 5 . A Little Help.

Thank You
Not at this time. It hasn't aired on TV anywhere yet. I think it's on Eurosport on the 16th. After that it will be easier to get the entire event. I've only seen the Werdum/Emelianenko fight that someone in the stands recorded with their own video camera. It's pretty crappy quality, but watchable.

I'd post the link for the full fight, but this site blocks other forums or just m*m*a news.com ? I can't put the MMA together because this site automatically blocks that name. I guess they don't like that site over here lol. You can find a clip of the end of the fight at youtube.com.
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