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Apparently a 70 yr old will fight a 50 yr old in MMA this summer.


Team Saigo Press Release
By: Press Release
Saigo MMA Productions and Saigo Martial Arts have been on a 4 month plan to expand its organization from coast to coast in Canada and the USA.
We would like to formally announce the following representatives within our Canada operations.
Rob McCormack – Western Canada Director or MMA Operations
Terry Arsenault – National Team Saigo Matchmaker
Christina Nielsen – National Events Co-Ordinator
Paul Ebeger – (Tugboat Systems) Central Canada Team Saigo Director of Operations
Aaron Holland – Alberta Saigo MMA Representative
Steven Williams– North American Director of Operations
Saigo MMA and Saigo Martial Arts are under the direction of: AJJIF MMA WORLDWIDE WORLD TECHNICAL DIRECTOR FOR CANADA
GUNSHI – Saigo Ha Daito Ryu Aiki Bujutsu, Menkyo Kaiden Shinto Ryu Aiki Budo, 34th Generation Headmaster / Head Family Daito Ryu, President of the Zen Kokusei Saigo Ha Daito Ryu (Takeda Ryu) Aiki Bujutsu Rengokai. Sponsorin Head Family World Headmasters Council of Martial Arts (WHCMA).
Saigo MMA Productions has 6 shows planned for western Canada within the next 4 months and lots more we will be adding to our plans within the next month. We have a established fighter pool of 72 fighters both Amateur and Professional.
History in the Making
Gunshi John Williams (70 years old)
John Williams, Probably the fittest 70 year old man on the planet has accepted a challenge from Former Pro Wrestler and Kickboxing Champion Larry Brubaker (260 Lbs) on July 24th at Casino New Brunswick. There is no love lost between these two and there is no lost of words toward each other , a brutal shoving match took place at Elite 1 MMA’s Last event that solidified the war these two will have when they meet. The combined age of these two warriors is 119 years old; Gunshi Williams is a grandmaster of Saigo Ha Jiu Jitsu and have been Training for over 55 years, he is a role model to his students, Fellow Martial Artist, and friends, he sets the standard when it comes to showing how good living, serious training, and a healthy lifestyle can benefit you as you age, he has the physical capabilities of a man half his age.
Check out Gunshi at: http://www.ajjif.org/ajjif_legends
Affiliation and International Sanctioning
Saigo MMA Productions is proud to be affiliated and sanctioned by the AJJIF.
The AJJIF is the world governing body and international headquarters of traditional, Classical, sports, modern and Combat Martial Arts Federation
M-1 Global
Master of Sports in ***** and Judo of Russia. Numerous Judo, ***** and Combat ***** Russian National Champion. WAMMA World Heavyweight Champion, Pride World Heavyweight Champion, Pride Grand Prix Tournament Champion, Rings Kings of Kings Tournament Champion, Rings World Class Tournament Champion
Katabami Ryu Ju-Jitsu
Dai Yokoyori Gunshi Saigo Ha Daito Ryu Aiki Bujutsu Menkyo Kaiden, Youshinkai Nidai O-Iemoto Denora Ha Daito Ryu Aiki Bujutsu Headmaster / Head Family Katabami Ryu
International Expansion
Team Saigo is happy to announce it will be operating Down Under in Australia; we have a great team in Australia head by Sharon Castellino.
Sharon has extensive experience in Production companies and a passion to develop MMA in Australia. She will Work with Mike Powell to build Team Saigo MMA down under and we are very excited to see this newer market expand and showcase the talent that exist within.
An Updated Events Press Release will be sent within the next couple week. Saigo MMA and Saigo Martial arts will make a huge impact in 2010 and even more so in 2011. We have the most talented team, dedicated fighters, and a provincial, state and national concept that will carry us into the future as industry leaders.

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70 years old... o_O

I might just watch this due to the "wtf" factor.
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