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A perfect example of how two different educated people see a fight so differently. This is a report on the Paul Kelly vs. Dennis Silver fight. One is from Sherdog play by play and the other is from MMAweekly play by play.

Sherdog play by play reports.
Paul Kelly vs. Dennis Siver
Round 1
Siver batters Kelly with an array of strikes, but most notably a pair of left hooks. Kelly closes the distance and grabs a front headlock and knees to the legs and body of Siver, sending a chorus of cheers up from the English crowd with each shot. Siver continues to get the better of the striking exchanges, but Kelly scores a takedown with just 15 seconds left in the round. Sherdog.com scores the round 10-9 for Siver.
Round 2
Siver and Kelly trade punches and Kelly, again, tries to take the fight to the mat. Unsuccessful, Kelly is force to stand and Siver takes advantage. He lands a picture-perfect spinning-back kick to the midsection that folds Kelly in two and puts him on his seat. Siver swarms before backing away and inviting Kelly to stand. In obvious pain, Kelly struggles to his feet only to be overwhelmed by Siver strikes. Referee Dan Miragliotta stops the bout at 2:53 of the second frame. Kelly stays down on the mat for a couple minutes as he is tended to. He leaves the cage with help of his team, who are holding a bucket in front of him in case he has to vomit.

MMAweekly play by play reports.
Paul Kelly vs. Dennis Siver
R1 – Siver lands some leg kicks but Kelly keeps moving forward throwing bombs. Kelly clinches Siver against the cage and lands some knees.Ref breaks them up and Siver lands a body kick. Both trade punches before Kelly shoots in. Siver defends ad goes back to kicking the legs. Kelly walking forward and both trade big punches. Kelly shoot s and scores a single leg takedown just at the bell.
MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 to Kelly
R2 – Kelly lands a superman punch but Siver counters well. Kelly lands a flying knee before the fighters clinch briefly. Siver using his kicks to keep range but Kelly is still walking him down.. Siver lands a spinning kick to the body and drops Kelly. He lets him up but Kelly is slow to his feet. Siver unloads punches as Kelly slumps to the canvas.

I haven't yet seen the fights as they are not on until tonight for me but reading these two reports from what I would call two educated websites. I wouldn't even think it was the same fight except for the final result. Sherdog makes it sound like Kelly wasn't even in the fight in the first round and yet MMAweekly has him winning the round. I can't wait till tonight to see my own opinion on this fight. Just another example of how two people look at the exact same fight and see such differences.
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