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I was wondering if I do a front squat and add like 100lbs to my back using a weighted vest is it possible to twist or pull a muscle in my lower abs AND have it feel partially like a bad stomach ache? Basically its nice as hell today and I just woke up from resting(3pm) as this morning I woke up with a sharp pain in my lower core and after cutting my lawn this morning Ive been in some pretty bad pain.

I don't think its a stomach ache but it hurts when I stand up to look at food and it hurt to even think about eating or lifting so I just rested.

Ive tried everything for a stomach ache from tums, medicine and other resides.

I know squats do heavily engage the core but really is all of this pain possible?

Well if it is I will watch out next time and damn I got to eat a lot(didn't eat much today due to pain) but I cant stand to look at the fridge..
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