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rate the guys on the left's chances out of 10 for winning

Penn vs St Pierre at WW
St Pierre vs Anderson Silva at MW
Anderson Silva vs Brock Lesnar at HW

1) 3 out of 10
2) 4 out of 10
3) 2 out of 10

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Penn I actually give him a better chance than last fight, just because he has applied himself for a long time now. And if he bulked up properly for the weight class and trained accordingly I think he would do better than last time.

GSP – although he outstrikes fighters who would supposedly outstrike him, it’s probably not in Silva’s class. Weight gain or not, he would have a disadvantage there, but his solid takedowns could give Silva a hard time. And GSP has said he walks around at 184, but might be hard to bulk up. Even so, this i think because of GSP's well rounded skills this could be a closer match for Silva than his previous fights.

Silva- hmm how about 0 chance, at best. Brock is to fast, strong, big, powerful and would just steamroll over Silva at the opening and hammerfist it out. Size makes a difference and this is a HUGE gap, 2+ weightclasses (i say 2+ because brock fights at well over 265, reportedly at 285).

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I'm thinking something like

Penn- I don't think Penn's new found dedication would help 1.5/10
GSP- really hard to say I'll guess 4/10
Silva- would have to knock Brock out within 5 seconds 2/10
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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