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Advice on Diet?

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Does anyone have any advice for nutrition. I'm always training for a fight, because i take one whenever i can get it. I usually eat a high protien and carb diet with supplements. I'm not trying to gain weight, but i was just wondering if there were any adjustments i could make to increase results.
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Diet Advice

If seriously training on a routine basis, I recommendthe same basic diet your
following with the addition of MetRx Daily. The day prior to your fights you should carbo load with high carbohydrate fruits, and foods ie. pasta etc. You
should find yourself well fueled for your fight. The day of the fight go light on the food or perhaps even fast with fruit juices. If your training daily you need
100 grams of protein to fuel you and 4000-5000 calories daily.Get Back to me with your results. Good Luck DrCRC
Some excellent advice there also you need to determine what your goal is and you can tailor your diet to give you the desired effects either through various supplements or real food (perferable, but sometimes you can just not physicaly eat what is required) I suggest contacting a nutrionist ( i used to be one in the navy but that was like 9 years ago so my info is a little bit outdated) and you can get a good plan worked out
Thanks for all of the opinions. My cardios looking great, which was my initial goal.
cool.. excellent if you need other advice were here.. :p
No Mistakes Nutrition Guide --Good Book For Performance Nutrition

This book No-Mistakes was originally written for bodybuilders who want to say at about 7-10% bodyfat year round, but many MMA enthusiasts have said they've followed it with great results...

Worth a read

Prolab 'No Mistakes' Book

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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