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What if Akiyama droped to 170? How would he stack up with the top 5 welter weights?

Well who are the top 5?:)
GSP, of course at #1
In no particular order.

The Japanese I guess prefer to fight at there natural weight; which is a competitive disadvantage here in the states (and no roids).

If he cut to 170 he would be one of the bigger WW's. How would he match-up against GSp, Alves, Fitch and the rest?

Akiyama vs. Alves
Im sure Alves has become better since he lost to GSP. I dont believe Alves will mix it up as much and stay with his bread & butter and look to KO his sexyness on the feet. Will Akiyama adapt? How well is his game planing? Will he chose to go toe-to-toe with another highly skilled Muay Thai practioner like Belcher? he better start checking leg kicks or he will suffer the same fate (brutal leg damage) as in his UFC debute. I see Aki out grappling Alves and winning a UD, especially in a 3 round affair.

What do you guys think?:)
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