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DreamFighters.com: Alistair, thank you very much for taking the time to speak to me (Adam) at dreamfighters.com - We are big fans!

Alistair Overeem: You are Welcome

DreamFighters.com: congratulations on your recent win over Gary Goodridge. You seemed to suprise him early on. Can you tell us about that fight a little?

Alistair Overeem: No really, this was in my country and I feel great latley, I have a good fighting rythum and I have a lot of convidence.

DreamFighters.com: How is training going right now? Who are you training with?

Alistair Overeem: I am sparring a lot in Breda Holland (trainer Cor Hemmers) with guys like Errol Zimmerman and Gokhan saki, Benji Zimmerman, Leko, Kharitonov, Dennis Stojnic there are a ton of heavyweights there, ground I still strain with Martijn de Jong

DreamFighters.com: Do you know who you will be fighting at Fields Dynamite yet?

Alistair Overeem: yes (Could Not Say)

DreamFighters.com: Mirko has made public that he has sent out a invitation to you and your team to fight him in his home basement in the first week of December. He said no money, and it will be free on the interview. What do you have to say to Mirko about his inviation to you to fight him in his basement?

Alistair Overeem: We also have nice basements in Holland and Russia, I am a proffesional fighter and want to get paid for my actions, I think is ego is hurt massively after my beating I gave him in japan which was broadcasted on Croation TV. He said himself (before the fight) that after he beat me he would fight my fellow Golden Glory team member Kharitonov on the same night, because Kharitonov did not have an oponent (some big words form the guy who now wants to fight in basements). Kharitonov has also a nice Russian basement, but hey my manager is open for negotiations if Cro Cop pays my fee, I will fight him in his kitchen, garden or swimming pool, with or without elbows and footstomps and…….
I think it is lame from Mirko like tons of people are still chelleging Rickson gracie and this and that fighter, Emin Boztepe is such a guy from germany who is chelleging anybody to make more publicity for himself or his style. In an interview on HD net they ask me if i would give cro Cop the opportunity for a rematch, i said yes immidiately and i will finish it for good then!

DreamFighters.com: It was clear you were winning the fight with Mirko before it was stopped - He claimed he was waiting until you gas out - Any comment on that? And, did his one kick he landed cause any pain?

Alistair Overeem: He was cut on two places , I bruised his face and body, took him down at will, even let him stand up to do his game, he was stalling on the ground. My opinion is that before the first card came he was hurt already, I kneed him hard in the chest and Cro Cop grabbed for his balls, he looks at the referee, but relaizes the ref did not see any low blow and continues the fight (look at that incident before the first yellow card about 30 seconds before I guess)????????? If he really was hurt there, how could he continue? Then the first yellow card we both give knees at the same time and I admit to hit the groin guard hard, so no excuses there, but sure not intentianally. The finall yellow card he felt like nothing anymore, he was the one who gassed. I feel great at this weight calss , I am normally 100 or 102 kg, then have to come down to 93kg. Now I can stay 102 , eat gain some more muslce, so for me thats a huge difference. By the way the last knee was in his pulva, look carefully, so I do not understand if the knee lands there, why grab the underside of the groin area, were he is not hit at all (there is like 6 different camera shots, watch carefully), yes it was a low blow but not in the groin!
He never hurt me with nothing!

DreamFighters.com: Mirko is fighting Hong Man Choi - What do you think about that?

Alistair Overeem: My management said before already, it will be an Asian guy, no way he will fight you again.

DreamFighters.com: Is there any chance we can see you fight in the UFC? You said you would like to fight Brock lesnar?

Alistair Overeem: I will fight on NYE in japan, big surpirse against who and what rules, you will see. I could end up in the UFC, my management is responsible for that

DreamFighters.com: Who would you like to fight besides Mirko? and any desire to fight for another fight organization?

Alistair Overeem: I like to fight lesnar after i perform well this year , i want to take on Fedor for new years Evening 2009

DreamFighters.com: Fans around the world are very impressed with you sudden improvement in your fight game - It seems you are unstopable right now. Is this because of new trainign partners, or a new camp? Any chance we would see you fight Fedor?

Alistair Overeem: Little bit of everything, hard training and dedication, yes i do train a lot more stand up with Cor Hemmers at Golden Glory Breda and have great heavyweight sparringspartners, also not have to cut weight anymore and live on only lettece, makes a huge difference, I gained maybe 5 kg in the last 15 months but my normal weight was already like 102, so the difference between 93 kg and 107 is huge, for me it was only 5 kg in about `14 months. I feel more fit, i can go easy for 10 min rounds and 2 x 5 min with tons of action and agression without gassing.

DreamFighters.com: Many fans would love to know how a professional like you trains? Can you briefly tell us how you train for your size and power?

Alistair Overeem: I have interval training, I do cardio, I do groundtraining with Martijn de Jong in Amersfoort Holland and the stand up in golden Glory gym in Breda with Cor Hemmers, wednesday and friday mostley 10 rounds of sparBing with heavyweights in breda, we call it gehakt dag (some dutch saying for meat day)
Then I do weights and have a special nutricion, its a 24 hour job!

DreamFighters.com: Alistair, we really appreciate you taking the time to speak to us. We wish you all the best of luck!

Alistair Overeem:Thanks

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I wonder how then could Alistair call out Mirko trillion times .. he wasnt searching 4 publicity .. of course not he was looking 4 some balls to suck on.. jebo ti pas mater alipicko

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I actually like the new and improved Overeem and if he gets a couple more quality wins I would be pretty excited about seeing Fedor/Overeem. Hopefully this year we can see him fight the likes of Kharitonov, Monson, Bigfoot, or Werdum

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He should really shut up. If he really wants to prove something he would fight Mirko in Croatia. He won't fight Mirko at his home, because he is a "professional". It's all about the money, and that makes me hate him even more. He may be a good fighter, but why does he act like an asshole?
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