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UFC star, Anderson Silva received the so waited JJ black belt from Rodrigo Minotauro and Rogério Minotouro. Since the end of last year the brothers Nogueira had already promised the belt to Anderson. "He is really tough, with a complete Jiu-Jitsu. He is training very well with black belts", said Rogério Minotouro. Anderson received the belt affirming that his responsibility is bigger now. "I was training ground very hard and now with this responsibility. I will train much more to honor the belt I received", guaranteed Anderson, who gave an exclusive interview to site TATAME. Read below the complete interview:

How was it to receive the black-belt? Did you expect that?
I wasn't waiting on it, but I think my responsibility is bigger now, because I didn't have the responsibility to do the ground game in Vale-Tudo. Now that I am black belt this thing got complicated. Now I must train much more. I wasn't expecting that it would happen that day, I knew it would happen, but not at that time.

How is your training now? Have you been training the ground part?
Every time I came here I want to train my Jiu-Jitsu. I trained a lot with Vitor, Rodrigo, Rogério and with all the folks.

Which is the next one? Will you dispute some belt?
I don't know yet. I think they will give me more one athlete before I have the opportunity to get the belt. I don't know who would be this athlete, I am waiting.

What do you think of this Pride match?
I think Paulão will win. I trained with him some times, and I already watched him training, I think he will win.

Who will probably fight him in the final?
There are a lot of though guys, but I think that Denis Kang. He will be a hard one to Paulão, but Paulão will defeat him.

What about the heavy match?
It is hard to say. There are four good fights. There are fights that you can wait everything, but I think that will be a Brazilian final. Wand and Minota for sure.

Do you think that Minotauro and Wanderlei will pass from their adversaries easily?
I think that the fight will be harder to Rodrigo, but Wand and Cro Cop wouldn't be so hard, they already faced each other, he knows Cro Cop's game. I am sure Wand will win that. But Josh will give some work to Rodrigo, will be a tough one for him. He has a good Wrestling, but Rodrigo will win that. I am waiting for a Brazilian final.

Do you want to return to PrideFC or do want to stay in UFC?
I don't want to come back to Pride. I already proved everything there. PrideFC didn't want me there, so for me now I am in the right place, showing my job. I think that I already did everything in Japan. If I had to return to somewhere, I would return to K-1.

You had already faced Chonan and you saw how his game is. What do you think about his fight against Paulão?
He is a guy whos game has grown. If you do a tough fight with him, he loses, but if you allows him to grown in his fight he will attack. But he is not a very expressive fighter, Paulão is better.

What did you make wrong in that fight?
At that fight I wasn't so well trained, my foot was broken. I wasn't with the experience that I had. I am better on the ground, I am better in all the details.

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If this helps him become a better fighter then good for him.

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Dam those are awesome pics. I love Brazilian Top Team and Chute Boxe, my favourite camps in the world. This will make him a better fighter and increase in confidence but I don't think you should get a title shot after beating Chris Leben in a minute. Maybe someone like Swick, Loiseau, Riggs, or Marquardt but not Leben. Kenny Florian even beat Leben :laugh:.
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